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Mrs Crafty B and The Crafting of Daydreams
Mrs Crafty B was started in January 2012 as ‘Crafting a Daydream.’ The blog was a way to document
my crafty journey and to motivate me following the birth of my first baby; Baby B. I had spent many a sleepless night browsing the internet and being inspired by the handmade work of others and daydreaming about all of the new skills I wanted to learn and the creative side I wanted to set free. 

In March 2012, the first Crafty B’s group began and ‘Mrs Crafty B’ took a detour, finding a passion in encouraging other people to craft as a form of therapy; crafting in positive social environments, completing beautiful projects and achieving a boost in self esteem.  The blog stepped onto the side lines as I worked on various craft groups, craft cafes, workshops, crafty meet ups and fairs; all for adults, children and charities.

Following the birth of a second baby (Littlest B) in 2013 and a relocation in 2014, the blog is now a platform for Mrs Crafty B and all contributing Crafty B's to continue to grow with three main aims:

INSPIREMrs Crafty B is still still on a creative journey and hoping to pull others onto the craft bus including Mini Makers and others who are Making Home ; with high hopes of inspiring with craft projects, home making tips and family activities.

INFORMWhat are the latest crafty trends? How can you 'Make Home'? What craft supplies do you need and where can you get them from? Where can you meet other crafty people? What craft events are on near you? Where can you take your Mini Makers on an adventure? What great family recipes can you try next? Informing you of all of the above and more! 

INSTRUCTDelivering simple how to’s to help other Crafty B's along with their next projects.

All About Annie B 
I’m Annie B, a self employed Mummy of two and the voice behind Mrs Crafty B. 

After graduating from Nottingham Trent University in 2007 (having studied Linguistics), I became a switchboard operative and receptionist as a stop gap to my next (and undecided) plan. Working with lots of new businesses and freelancers, I found a passion for customer service and helping others achieve their goals. Always keen on self development I built on my marketing skills and assisted with the growth of the business I worked for.

I then began a course in sugar craft and rediscovered my love of baking and being creative.

In 2010, my then fiancĂ© and I moved on to the wonderful City of Cambridge where I became an office manager. My role was varied but included chairing the social committee via which I set up a lunchtime craft group. I became completely inspired by some of the skills demonstrated by the lovely people that I met and when I left to have Baby B, my crafty daydreaming started in a delirious routine of sleepless nights, nappies and second guessing my every baby related move (including jumping over noisy toys at nap times). Being a social person and being used to a working environment with 'growned ups,' I  needed an outlet and adult company other than that of Hubby B; so I set up my first community craft group.

Joining the online craft community in January 2012 and bringing together various groups of lovely crafty people offline, kept me sane and grounded. Just as much as I encouraged others to rediscover or find their creative side, I continued nurturing and developing mine.

I then became self employed as a childminder and this helped me to focus more on getting my first Little B involved. I realised that children have a natural ability to be creative and I became passionate about nurturing and encouraging this in Baby B and other Mini Makers who couldn't necessarily partake in messy play in their home environments for one reason or another.

Relocating again in 2014 has given me a blank canvas in the form of a new build property. I am continuing to document Mrs Crafty B's crafty journey, making home, being Mummy and setting up my new business venture 'Hello My PA;' via which I will hone in on my acquired skills, supporting SME's; primarily creative and 'handmade' businesses.

My passion for communication, encouraging, assisting and inspiring others, nurturing mini makers' imaginations, homemaking, self development and customer and reader experience are key to everything I do. I never do anything by halves and I believe a day being unhappy is a day wasted.

7 Facts About me 

7 is my favourite number (and the number of facts in this list is NOT a coincidence). 

I love cake. A lot. 

Everything in my life is better with cheese. 

 I enjoy 4 o’clock tea time everyday. Normally a cup of assam with a biscuit. Sometimes I might have a piece of fruit; but almost always, I have a biscuit. 

 I played the trumpet for 9 years. Didn't see that coming did you? 

I have an obsession with stationery. Maybe it’s born of my profession in administration or maybe I’m a bit odd; but I would definitely describe it as an obsession. 

I once prevented Hubby B from asking Sean Bean for an autograph. We chatted to his nephew (who was an acquaintance of Hubby B’s) for a good few minutes, following which they sat on the table next to us for breakfast in a quiet pub in Sheffield. If you’re reading this Sean, get in touch…I have never been forgiven for that.

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