Sunday 30 November 2014

Making Home: Review of a Custom Address Stamp by The English Stamp Company

In my 'Making Home' mission I am considering all areas. The concept of 'home' is personal to everyone and I want to make ours perfect for every aspect of our lives from children to working to relaxing. I'll be looking at creating beautiful spaces, decorating, DIY, efficient living, organisation, getting creative in the kitchen and more. I am starting off by looking at an item that is bound to make my life a little bit easier and more efficient as well adding a bit of pretty.

Thursday 27 November 2014

Have you ever wanted to be Santa? #Foodbankfillup

I'm whacking a disclaimer straight at the top here:

*This post is not intended to be a demonstration of matyrdom, a dictation of what you should and shouldn't do with your cash or a guilt trip.*

Right. That said, let's move on and I'll tell you about my recent failure to follow through on good intent, an experience I had today and why I won't sponsor a donkey (other animals are available not to sponsor).

A few weeks ago, a shared post popped up on my Facebook timeline from comedian, Jason Manford. He had posted a picture of a huge collection of advent calendars that he had purchased to donate to a food bank. What followed was mostly positive comments but they were unfortunatly accompanied by a barrage of negative feedback and accusations including him using a charitable donation for self promotion and people demonstrating anger that they felt Jason was perhaps 'showing up' those who couldn't afford to donate 500 advent calendars with an 'I'm better than you' attitude. My reaction to this feedback was that each negative comment was born of ignorance. Not everyone can afford to donate something to a charity, sure, but when someone with such a big following promotes a cause, even by saying 'look at what I've done,' then even if a small amount of people are informed and are happily inspired, then more donations are made and this can only be a good thing. Surely?

Tuesday 25 November 2014

Meet the Maker Catch Up With Vicky of This is Lullaby

It's Meet the Maker Tuesday again, but instead of meeting someone new, we are catching up with past interviewee, Vicky of This is Lullaby. Lets see what she has been up to...

Monday 24 November 2014

The First Steps in Making Home

I am so glad to be back!

Having expected to publish my first post from The Welsh Valleys on October 30th when my internet was due to be connected, (a whole other story) I have updated this a few times not really knowing when I would get it out there to you! As it stands, my internet STILL isn't connected and I am working on a 3G signal to get back in touch with my online community. Baby B has gone off for his first day back at nursery (NOT pre-school) after a bit of a hassle with it all and Littlest B is napping, so I couldn't think of anything better than a bit of nap time blogging!

SO…here I am. Welcome back to Crafting a Daydream and my new Making Home venture. Boy it’s been a journey to get to here!