Monday 31 December 2012

Christmas Crafting #6 Fabric Christmas Tree

During my maternity leave in 2011, my previous workplace ran a Saturday craft day for the weekly crafts group. In order for me to catch up with the ladies I popped by and some off them were making fabric Christmas trees. The instruction was supplied by a lady whom also comes to my Monday night crafts group. Aware that I would like to make a few Christmassy things this year, I asked here to give me the instruction again.

I purchased some fabric when on holiday in July 2012 and I recently made up my lovely Christmas tree. It was so easy to do. Unfortunately when I sewed my sections together, one was slightly wonky and so one set of 'branches' are shorter than the rest. This is fine as it can't be seen when viewed from one side and it adds to the handmade charm. Hopefully by next year I will have added some bells or a star.

Mrs Crafty B

NB I will add the reference for the book from which the instructions were obtained, as soon as I find them in my post Christmas craziness.

Sunday 30 December 2012

Christmas Crafting #5 Christmas Wreath

When I was younger my mum used to hang a Christmas tree decoration on the wall. It was a flat Christmas tree with built in lights and a few decorations. When I left home I used it in my own house for a couple of years but then it was shoved in a box, falling to pieces.

In true 'upcycling' nature, I decided to use this to create something new rather than throw it in the bin. I hacked up the branches and wrapped them around a polystyrene half wreath using a glue gun to fix them. A few of the decorations were too broken to use and some of them have been put away until I need them for another project but I glued a few to my wreath.

It's not a natural wreath and it isn't as beautiful as some that I have seen but it is the first one I have made and owned and it has made use of something that would have otherwise have been thrown away.

Here are some pics.

Mrs Crafty B

Bye bye Mr Christmas tree
Hello pretty Christmas wreath

Saturday 29 December 2012

Christmas Crafting #4 Christmas Cards

Upon deciding that 2013 would see me delve further into paper crafts and being influenced by a few ladies at Crafty B's Craft group, I felt that making some quick handmade Christmas cards would be an ideal way to make a start.

I went for something very simple using stamps, embossing powder and a heat tool and adding a bit of sparkle with glue, double sided tape and glitter.

I very much enjoyed this bit of my Christmas crafting. I know that the sparkle of glitter will be evident in my house until Christmas 2013.

Here are a few pictures of the cards that I sent.

Mrs Crafty B

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Christmas Crafting #3 Fabric Advent Calendar

It was a close call but I finished Baby B's advent calendar on December 1st with enough time for him to get his first token gift from pocket number 1. He was fascinated by it hanging on the door and so far with lots of 'ooooooos' and looks of excitement, I feel like it was definitely worth the effort.

Although I decided before last Christmas that I was making this advent calendar it does not surprise me that it was a last min job. It's the only way I know how!

I began collecting Christmasy fabrics last year, including some swatch freebies which I attached to larger pieces of cream fabric, to make the pockets . The pockets are random and lined with red and green gingham fabrics. The numbers are hand painted onto small squares of green fabric that also make up the background.
Initially, I was going to make this a sack with an advent calendar on the front but as I got close to finishing I realised that it was definitely more likely to last the distance if I didn't allow it to be used in that way every year. I've decided to use the material I intended to line it with, to make a separate simple present sack. It will still fit nicely with this as I used the same material along the top and bottom of this to hold wooden dowels. I have to admit that it was pretty fun to get a bit of woodwork into the project, even it it was a very quick and last minute decision. I cut and sanded the dowels and fed them through the long sections of red material at the top and bottom of the calendar. To back it, I used the same green material as the front with a thick wadding to keep it sturdy. I have used a pretty vintage Christmas ribbon to hang it up.
There were a few technical difficulties to contend with but I can safely say, Big J and I are ready to face the world! This project has allowed me to get to grips with my little friend and there are lots more projects to come!

I'm certain that this will last for years to come and I can't wait to see Baby B's face everyday as something new comes out of each pocket.

Of course I have already decided that any future bambinos will have a crocheted bootie advent calendar.

Have you seen any other handmade advent calendars this year that have inspired you? Have you made one? Do you have one that you have made for past Christmas'? Please head on over to my Facebook page to share the pictures with us. You will also see some examples of Christmas crafting from some other lovely people who have shared.

Mrs Crafty B