Monday 31 December 2012

Christmas Crafting #6 Fabric Christmas Tree

During my maternity leave in 2011, my previous workplace ran a Saturday craft day for the weekly crafts group. In order for me to catch up with the ladies I popped by and some off them were making fabric Christmas trees. The instruction was supplied by a lady whom also comes to my Monday night crafts group. Aware that I would like to make a few Christmassy things this year, I asked here to give me the instruction again.

I purchased some fabric when on holiday in July 2012 and I recently made up my lovely Christmas tree. It was so easy to do. Unfortunately when I sewed my sections together, one was slightly wonky and so one set of 'branches' are shorter than the rest. This is fine as it can't be seen when viewed from one side and it adds to the handmade charm. Hopefully by next year I will have added some bells or a star.

Mrs Crafty B

NB I will add the reference for the book from which the instructions were obtained, as soon as I find them in my post Christmas craziness.