Tuesday 30 April 2013

Meet the Maker: Claire Austin of Rosey Posey Creations

You may or may not have realised that I (conveniently for my pen name) love flowers. I'm not into researching and growing them in the same that Hubby B is, but I love to take pictures and enjoy the colours and prettiness of them which is ever changing through the year. My love of the pretty florals, meant that when I was sent this item for the Meet the Maker feature, I couldn't wait to see it up here on my blog. Just look at the pretty antique feel. How apt for spring (now it is finally coming...we hope).  So in true Meet the Maker style, lets find out refreshment preferences and get to it! 
Firstly, two very important questions. 

Tea or coffee? 
Tea please. Milk, no sugar. 

Biscuit or cake? 
That’s a tough one...cake please. 

So, tell us a bit about yourself. 
I’m Claire, the other half of Rosey Posey Creations, which I run with with my mum, Cathy. I’m from Devon originally but I have lived in London for nearly 5 years. We have just got back from New York!! 

...and what about the item that you are sharing with us? 
 These are our most popular creations- the large hair comb and the thin floral headband. The large comb has three large paper flowers on it and the invisible wire ‘teeth’ disappear when you slide it into your hair. It’s perfect for an up do or when your hair is loose. With the floral headband , we can make the thin elastic band in white and black for lighter or darker hair. You can hide the band in your hair so you just see the beautiful flowers and you can even wrap it round a bun. 

How long have you been making headwear and how did you learn? 
My mum has always showed me how to do basic sewing and how to customise clothes etc and there was an element of teaching myself too. I want to learn how to make really elaborate headpieces like fascinators with lots of flowers, lace and pearls. 

When did you start Rosey Posey Creations and why? 
Rosey Posey Creations started in January. Just before Christmas my mum and I were shopping and I saw a winter head warmer that I really liked but it was extremely expensive. My mum, Cathy, said ‘I can make that!’ And true to her word, I received a package in the post a couple of days later with a beautiful deep purple headband embellished with a bunch of small purple and white flowers on a bed of lace. I decided to make them for my friends for Christmas presents and got such good feedback that we decided to set up a facebook page. After selling our wares at a couple of craft fayres we decided to set up a website with an online shop and here we are! 

What inspires and motivates you? 
I take a lot of inspiration from celebrities and singers such as Pixie Lott, Lana Del ray, Paloma Faith and magazines. The catwalk is a great way to find out the latest trends and colours. Spring is a lovely time to bring inspiration in a flower headband, with all the daffodils in bloom and the weather getting warmer. My motivation is the customer’s delight at the end product and the pride of seeing something I have made on their head. 

Any crafting heroes? 
My mum. 

Do you have a crafting space?
I make everything in my living room- my poor flatmates! I have a little corner where I keep everything which is great but I would love an entire room which I could dedicate to it. My mum makes them back at home in Devon, she has completely taken over the dining room! 

Any big plans for 2013? 
We are now on sale at two shops, Huckleberries Cafe and Gift Shop in Brixham, Devon and Ruby Blu Gift Shop in Southgate, London which is amazing. We have a couple of fayres coming up and our creations are being used in a short film and a promo video. We are very excited about a wedding photoshoot in June in which our creations are being used in conjunction with wedding dress boutique in a railway carriage that has been converted into a beautiful beach front villa in Selby. 

So can we join you in your virtual world? 
Yes please do. You can purchase our creations from our website www.roseyposeycreations.co.uk, our facebook page- Rosey Posey Creations and Twitter- @Roseyposeyc. Get in touch! 

Finally, some quick fire questions that we are dying to know the answers to. 

Favourite colour? 

The best season? 

Your favourite food? 

The best day of the week? 

What is the best word? 

Favourite place? 
The beach

Your biggest achievement? 
So far- getting a degree I suppose. 
Thank you for the interview, it’s been fun! 

Thank YOU Claire. It's been lovely to get to know you and we wish you the best in future ventures :-). Now readers, shall we all go join the virtual world of Rosy Posey Creations?

Mrs Crafty B 

Monday 29 April 2013

Mr Bumble Visits Burwash Manor

This weekend, we busy B's headed to the beautiful wedding of some of our friends over in St. Neots. We had a fabulous day which ended with me coming home with Baby B at around 9pm and passing out before finishing a cup of 'recovery tea' followed by Hubby B in the early hours.

On Sunday we had a family day. This normally consists of lazing in pyjamas just enjoying the company of each other, the sofa and the TV and just pottering about or having snoozes, until we see fit to get dressed and perhaps head out. This might be just out to the garden, for a swim, to a garden centre somewhere or in the case of this weekend, to a local event.

Once we had decided we were all awake enough to venture out, we headed out to Burwash Manor which is just a couple of villages away from us in Cambridgeshire. At Burwash you can find 15 independent shops including a day spa and a tea room. These are housed in a collection of converted farm buildings which in itself adds to the experience and the atmosphere of each visit.

Burwash Manor holds a number of events throughout the year, one of which is a plant fair. We turned up quite late last year and missed some of the stalls, but this year Hubby B managed to have good natter with some experts on their stalls and we acquired a couple of additions for the garden including a rose bush which produces white roses with an apricot centre. White roses are my favourite type of flower and I can't wait to see how these grow.

Heres Mr Bumble with our rose bush as it is at the moment.
Once we arrived at Burwash, it was conveniently time for lunch. The downside here was that the cosy tearoon was filled to rafters and we only just managed to get a table outside which meant sitting in the unfortunately windy weather. We warmed our cockles with a warm pot of tea and some food. When we arrived we had spotted that someone was eating something yummy (dangerous game) so we too ordered a portion of rhubarb crumble and custard, yum yum.

Here is Mr Bumble with our tea (which I later realised was served in a teapot from a shop next door) and our dessert.
After lunch, I took Baby B off to the toy shop where he was thoroughly entertained by some tables set our for children to play on as well as telling Mummy about all the stuff that he wanted. Luckily, we managed to escape without unnecessary additions to our toy collection. The same could not be said for me who found an unnecessary but desired addition to my craft collection. I went with the intention of looking for a ball of twine suitable for a project I have in mine and I was lucky enough to find this ball of jute twine which I think will be perfect. Here is Mr Bumble to show you the colour.
Baby B enjoyed the plants with Daddy whilst I went to have a look in my favourite shop at Burwash, Nest. I had never really noted the name of the shop till this weekend and just know it as 'the shop that sells all the old and new stuff'. This shop has such an eclectic collection of 'stuff' but unlike some places like this, it is set out so you can see everything. It's like hunting for your treasure without the hard work. 

What I love most about this shop is the old printer drawers which you think might be for display purposes but on inspection you realise the drawers contain lots of old printing blocks. Oh how I which I had unlimited cash and space for things like this! I would also treat myself to one of the old sink basins that I spied in the shop, to use for a succulent garden. I am always looking for the perfect container for this project but can never justify the cost.

If you are local I would highly recommend a mooch around Burwash and a nice cup of tea. They appear to have lots of future plans for the site so I will continue visiting for sure. (I look forward to the next apple fair!) 

I did get to work on my jute twine yesterday evening and I shall be continuing that at tonight's crafty meet.

Mrs Crafty B

Friday 26 April 2013

Red Chunky Infinity Scarf

I know Christmas has been and gone and we are looking forward to sun and seaside holidays, but a love of crochet never goes away, even if it is a memoir of another Christmas gift from 2012!

Do you remember the crochet infinity scarves I made in black and grey? Based on these, I was commissioned to make a bright red one. The beauty of these is that I've made made three and they were all different. That's what I love about handmade, the uniqueness. I can guarantee that three people are wearing scarves that no-one else in the world has. Ok, so they aren't wearing them NOW but you know what I mean.

Here are couple of pictures for you. Albeit not great pictures due to dark winter nights and convenient picture taking times.
I will take commissions on these (probably more so in the Autumn he he) and I can personalise them in terms of colour and size. Please do get in touch if you are interested.

Mrs Crafty B

Thursday 25 April 2013

Crafty B's Cupcake Decorating Party

At this week's Crafty B's craft group, we got down and sugary with a cupcake decorating party.

I made a big batch of vanilla cupcakes and butter icing and the group took these as a blank canvas and created some works of art.

Inspiration? Anything and everything. We had books, magazines and pictures provided by me and group members. We chatted, inspected what kind of colours, cutters, moulds and tools were at our disposal, considered what we might like to achieve and then we went for it.

Some wanted to make something pretty, some wanted artistic and some wanted practice for upcoming caking projects. Everyone had a different level of experience and some came with no experience whatsoever and took home the most amazing first time creations. Personally, I don't believe some of those 'first timers' ;-). he he.

Here are some pictures from the evening.*
Hopefully everyone had a lovely time and we will definitely do something like this again.

Don't forget that if you are local, the Crafty B's meet every Monday at 7.15pm till 9pm in the portacabin behind St.Marys Church in Hardwick, Cambridgeshire. It's the perfect chance for a couple of hours of crafting for those who don't get to fit it in elsewhere. We love to inspire each other with new ideas and discuss our next projects and there are no experts, just ladies learning along the way and sharing skills and knowledge.

If you feel that you want to come along or just want to pop in for a cuppa to see what we are all about, please feel free to come along** or just email me to make contact. We're a friendly bunch and would love to see you there :-). The email address in mrscraftyb@gmail.com

Love and Sugar,

Mrs Crafty B

*The dress was made by a participant who found the picture online. I am awaiting a link to credit the original creator.
**We don't meet on bank holidays :-)

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Mr Bumble at A&E

This morning I was going to go to my baby related hospital appointment and then come home and write up all about the Crafty B's Cupcake Party last night. I have however had a very eventful morning resulting in me now posting a quick update to Mr Bumbles adventures as he joined us in the wonderful world of A&E.

As we were about to leave the house this morning, Baby B decided to take that inevitable tumble from a chair in the kitchen onto the hard tiled floor. At the time we couldn't see the damage but the blood from his mouth told us all we needed to know. This wasn't a graze! I very quickly ran around to our friend and neighbour who was awaiting Baby B's arrival to watch him whilst Hubby B and I went to the hospital, and informed her that actually he would be coming with us. Luckily I didn't have too much blood on me so hopefully I didn't alarm her little one!

By the time we arrived at the hospital, the bleeding had stopped so we ran off to our scheduled appointment by the end of which, his mouth started bleeding again and Daddy rushed him down to get cleaned up. I followed a few minutes behind.

I hasten to add at this point that the hospital had warned us of an outbreak of norovirus and despite numerous announcements asking people to use alcohol rub and wash their hands, I was infuriated to see policemen wondering in and out of A&E ignoring it rather than set an example and I saw not ONE member of staff do so whilst going in and out of rooms/cubicles etc despite seeing children who had been playing in the communal play area. GR.

Having seen a nurse and getting some painkillers, we faced a long wait for the doctor just to get his mouth checked out and make sure we knew what to do in terms of 'care'.
After a very long time, a little 'overwhelmed Mummy' cry and a few tantrums on little'ns part, we saw a doctor to find that no stitches we required (thank god!) but he had to wounds on his lower lip making it very big and swollen and that he has cut his top frenum but it was now lodged between his two top teeth. It should hopefully dislodge itself once the swelling goes down. Meanwhile, we have some painful eating and drinking experiences to be had I think! He is such a brave boy. I'm not sure how we are going to negotiate teeth brushing to keep his mouth germ free but we shall have a go!
Mr Bumble provided some amusement for us both for a short time and you can see him above outside of the paediatrics clinic.

Will post more news soon with some fab pics of last nights 'cupcaking!'

Mrs Crafty B

Friday 19 April 2013

To B Mummy

Way back when I was pregnant with Baby B and well before I started my journey as Mrs Crafty B, I started a blog called 'To Be Mummy'. I wanted a way to anonymously document my pregnancy and my journey through mummy hood with all the truths that the books and magazines don't tell you. I soon realised when Baby B came and some other things happened in our family, that I couldn't keep up the blogging. The journey was so vast and I had so much to say that I got overwhelmed with two huge adjustments in our family life and I put a stop to it.

I then started blogging as Mrs Crafty B as an outlet for my creative daydreams in an attempt to become motivated to complete projects.

I love to imagine my virtual space as an open house into my world. Picking and choosing colour schemes, wall art and natter focused around my world. My world has more than one dimension and being Mummy is probably the biggest. I don't want to blog about the finer details but sometimes a Baby B focused blog post looms and I have the urge to share what in MY world, it is 'To B Mummy'

I also have a huge love for our Corsa but I won't natter about that. Maybe.

Mrs Crafty B

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Meet the Maker: Lisa Cole of Sparkle and Charm

Recently on one of my many Twitter browsing sessions, I saw this picture posted by Lisa Cole of Sparkle and Charm.
This bracelet is beautiful and I contacted Lisa to find out if she would like to feature in Meet the Maker. She agreed, so lets meet her. Firstly, two very important questions.

Tea or coffee?
Tea with milk no sugar please :-)

Biscuit or cake?

So, tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Lisa, I'm the owner of 'Sparkle & Charm' I'm 32 and married with 3 children aged 7, 5 and 2.

...and what about the item that you are sharing with us?
This bracelet is called 'Grace' it is one of my most popular items. Made using ivory glass pearls spaced with rhinestone encrusted rondelle spacers with a crystal ball drop. The soft pearls together with the sparkles gives a real feel of 'Sparkle & Charm'
I first made this as a birthday present for one of my younger sisters friends, she loves it and wears it every day!

How long have you been making jewellery and how did you learn?
I have been making jewellery for quite a while as a hobby, I am self taught although I have recently been on a course to make vintage bridal accessories.

When did you start Sparkle & Charm and why?
I started Sparkle and Charm in February 2013, I have been making jewellery for family and friends for a while and they told me I should start posting pictures of my creations on Facebook. I did this and was overwhelmed by the amount of people who were asking me to make jewellery for them, so I decided to set up a website and join twitter - Sparkle & Charm was born!

What inspires and motivates you?
My children are my biggest inspiration and motivation.

Any crafting heroes?
My mum

Do you have a crafting space?
At the moment I make jewellery on my kitchen worktop, I am going to convert my garage into a workshop soon.

Any big plans for 2013?
I have got a lot of craft and charity events coming up which I'm looking forward to. I would like to work on the recent skills I've learnt and start making more bridal accessories, and hopefully showcase my designs at wedding fairs towards the end of the year.

So can we join you in your virtual world?
My twitter name is @madebylisaxx
My Facebook page is Sparkle & Charm - made by Lisa

Finally, some quick fire questions that we are dying to know the answers to.

Favourite colour?

The best season?
Spring (if it ever arrives!)

Your favourite food?

The best day of the week?

What is the best word?

Favourite place?

Your biggest achievement?
My three children

Lisa, thank you so much for taking part. I hope this prompts everyone to take a look at your work. I shall be sending the link fot this item to Hubby B occasionally just in case he needs an idea ;-)

Mrs Crafty B

Monday 15 April 2013

A Date With Mrs S, My Sizzix Big Shot Die Cutting Machine

One evening last week, Hubby B went out for a works dinner and Baby B ditched me for the comfort of his bed and a sleepy cuddle with his 'Gina the giraffe.' In true 'get to it' style, I decided on a date with Mrs S and the Great British Sewing Bee. I reluctantly add here that I also caught up on Made in Chelsea. I don't watch much TV but we all have our guilty pleasures.

My aim for the evening was to use some of Baby B's craft papers and cut lots of shapes to keep in a crafty tin for future sticky collage sessions. Here are the papers I used which were a mix of bright neon shades and some matt colours.
This is the result. Lots of lovely little shapes to prompt a bit of imagination and creativity
It got me thinking that I might bag up a few collections of die cut shapes to sell for additions to childrens craft boxes. I'm in the process of having a mass clear out of craft stuff and a huge tidy up to get organised. For now, I've stored Baby B's die cuts in this doggy tin which I've put in his arts and crafts box.
I love that every time he sees it he says 'bic bic' then I explain its just a doggy tin and he says 'woof woof'. Maybe I can convince him that NONE of the biscuit tins have biscuits in them. Or is that wishful thinking?

Mrs Crafty B

Sunday 14 April 2013

Mr Bumble and the Flowers

In our home, there is a great love of flowers. Hubby B likes to read about them and grow them, I like to see them nodding at me from the garden until the boys bring me some indoors to enjoy, Baby B likes to sniff them and say 'flower' a bit like Bambi and Mr Bumble, well we all know that flowers are a life for bee's. Here he is enjoying some of the spring blooms and a few other plants that we have dotted about in random pots and buckets.

It's possible you may have spotted another member of our family on the conservatory roof. That's Tess the 'little cat'. Maybe some more on her another time!

Mrs Crafty B

Tuesday 9 April 2013

Mr Bumble at the Zoo

Here at our place today, nothing seems to be working efficiently, including me! It's nap time (which nowadays is very short) so I thought I'd quickly share with you Mr Bumble gatecrashing our trip to Linton Zoo at the weekend.

Here he is with the Lions. Baby B ran around shouting RRAAAARRR just to educate us on the ways of these beasts.
With a snow leopard...
Enjoying a spot of lunch...
Visiting the owls. Here we also saw some cuckoo burrows. They were silent until Baby B did some shouting and really loud pretend laughing which set them off into a frenzy and their 'laughing' noises stopped Baby B in his tracks. It was very amusing to see his little face so shocked. 
Here he is with a massive tortoise...
and a zebra.
Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of him with the lemurs. When we saw them we sang 'I like to move it' which the lemurs in madagascar dance to. It sent Baby B off into a display of very cool dancing and singing and he got so excited, he grabbed the legs of the nearest person not realising it wasn't his Grandad. When we ask Baby B what the crocodile says he slaps his hands together and shouts 'NAP' which I love so I was gutted to miss his reaction when Grandad put his head inside the mouth of a crocodile sculpture. I had run off to the ladies. Pregnancy woes. 

All in all it was a fab day, made better by Baby B shouting 'BEE' every time Mr Bumble made an appearance and him saying 'flower' ever more clearly as he picked the daisies.

Love, love, love him. He is my drive for everything. In fact, when we returned home, we combined bee and flowers to take some pictures of Mr Bumble with our home grown flowers and plants, which are everywhere. More of that another time.

Mrs Crafty B