Monday 29 April 2013

Mr Bumble Visits Burwash Manor

This weekend, we busy B's headed to the beautiful wedding of some of our friends over in St. Neots. We had a fabulous day which ended with me coming home with Baby B at around 9pm and passing out before finishing a cup of 'recovery tea' followed by Hubby B in the early hours.

On Sunday we had a family day. This normally consists of lazing in pyjamas just enjoying the company of each other, the sofa and the TV and just pottering about or having snoozes, until we see fit to get dressed and perhaps head out. This might be just out to the garden, for a swim, to a garden centre somewhere or in the case of this weekend, to a local event.

Once we had decided we were all awake enough to venture out, we headed out to Burwash Manor which is just a couple of villages away from us in Cambridgeshire. At Burwash you can find 15 independent shops including a day spa and a tea room. These are housed in a collection of converted farm buildings which in itself adds to the experience and the atmosphere of each visit.

Burwash Manor holds a number of events throughout the year, one of which is a plant fair. We turned up quite late last year and missed some of the stalls, but this year Hubby B managed to have good natter with some experts on their stalls and we acquired a couple of additions for the garden including a rose bush which produces white roses with an apricot centre. White roses are my favourite type of flower and I can't wait to see how these grow.

Heres Mr Bumble with our rose bush as it is at the moment.
Once we arrived at Burwash, it was conveniently time for lunch. The downside here was that the cosy tearoon was filled to rafters and we only just managed to get a table outside which meant sitting in the unfortunately windy weather. We warmed our cockles with a warm pot of tea and some food. When we arrived we had spotted that someone was eating something yummy (dangerous game) so we too ordered a portion of rhubarb crumble and custard, yum yum.

Here is Mr Bumble with our tea (which I later realised was served in a teapot from a shop next door) and our dessert.
After lunch, I took Baby B off to the toy shop where he was thoroughly entertained by some tables set our for children to play on as well as telling Mummy about all the stuff that he wanted. Luckily, we managed to escape without unnecessary additions to our toy collection. The same could not be said for me who found an unnecessary but desired addition to my craft collection. I went with the intention of looking for a ball of twine suitable for a project I have in mine and I was lucky enough to find this ball of jute twine which I think will be perfect. Here is Mr Bumble to show you the colour.
Baby B enjoyed the plants with Daddy whilst I went to have a look in my favourite shop at Burwash, Nest. I had never really noted the name of the shop till this weekend and just know it as 'the shop that sells all the old and new stuff'. This shop has such an eclectic collection of 'stuff' but unlike some places like this, it is set out so you can see everything. It's like hunting for your treasure without the hard work. 

What I love most about this shop is the old printer drawers which you think might be for display purposes but on inspection you realise the drawers contain lots of old printing blocks. Oh how I which I had unlimited cash and space for things like this! I would also treat myself to one of the old sink basins that I spied in the shop, to use for a succulent garden. I am always looking for the perfect container for this project but can never justify the cost.

If you are local I would highly recommend a mooch around Burwash and a nice cup of tea. They appear to have lots of future plans for the site so I will continue visiting for sure. (I look forward to the next apple fair!) 

I did get to work on my jute twine yesterday evening and I shall be continuing that at tonight's crafty meet.

Mrs Crafty B

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