Friday 19 April 2013

To B Mummy

Way back when I was pregnant with Baby B and well before I started my journey as Mrs Crafty B, I started a blog called 'To Be Mummy'. I wanted a way to anonymously document my pregnancy and my journey through mummy hood with all the truths that the books and magazines don't tell you. I soon realised when Baby B came and some other things happened in our family, that I couldn't keep up the blogging. The journey was so vast and I had so much to say that I got overwhelmed with two huge adjustments in our family life and I put a stop to it.

I then started blogging as Mrs Crafty B as an outlet for my creative daydreams in an attempt to become motivated to complete projects.

I love to imagine my virtual space as an open house into my world. Picking and choosing colour schemes, wall art and natter focused around my world. My world has more than one dimension and being Mummy is probably the biggest. I don't want to blog about the finer details but sometimes a Baby B focused blog post looms and I have the urge to share what in MY world, it is 'To B Mummy'

I also have a huge love for our Corsa but I won't natter about that. Maybe.

Mrs Crafty B

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