Tuesday 25 September 2012

Crocheted Union Jack

Hola Crafty Bees

Thanks for checking in to read this blog post. I’m really pleased you have as it means I get to share my frustrations on this particular project!
The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a slog with my being a bit unwell. On the Dr’s orders, I was able to get a couple of days bed rest without Baby B being around which of course equated to lots of crochet and other crafting. A bit of daydreaming thrown in for good measure of course.

I took a look back over my project list and tried to get myself back on track with a bit of a clear out. For now I just want to share one particular project which I finally finished last night!

A while ago when the Union Jack craze hit, ok MONTHS ago, I decided I wanted to crochet one for myself. The search for a pattern began but I couldn't find one, so I decided to write one instead. Ignoring all of the warning signs of course i.e. crochet isn’t symmetrical, the colour changes are going will be problematic.

So pattern in hand, I got to practice and soon realised that on turning I would have to crochet backwards to get the effect I wanted and without having to cast of each colour as I went. Ignoring the knitted look, I got into the flow but left the project aside (as I do) to commit to other things in life. The weekend just gone saw me pick up the Jack, remember how to crochet backwards, crochet a row with the wrong size hook, undo my work, start again and finally finish.
Needless to say I went for a plain back piece to cover up all of the yarn changes at the back. I sort of wish I had taken a pic of those to show you the complications but then again, I’ll be glad to forget it.
I am going to attached a tab for a keyring and it will be treasured forever. Now I guess I need to look for a knitted pattern or maybe think about a large crochet pattern which wont cause me these problems. Maybe a cushion cover. I am certain I could figure it out..... can you see where this is going....

Please share any patterns you know of.

Mrs Crafty B

p.s. sorry about the bad lighting. Had to do this tonight whilst Baby B is tucked up in bed!

Wednesday 19 September 2012

Fabric Hanging Hearts

My sister came to stay with me for a couple of days this week. She came along to Hardwick’s Crafty B’s Craft Group and I insisted she had a go at making some fabric hanging hearts as she didn’t win the one she had her eye on at Crafty B’s Craft Fair last weekend.

Most annoying is the fact that I never manage to get anything done myself yet I took her to get some fabric on Monday, helped her design and craft the whole thing and she went home this morning with a completed project.

So, in less then 48 hours, I have helped someone else start and finish a project. I guess I can add it to my list of projects inspired.

Back to my own list. I had a large crochet project on the go which is now completed but is a gift so I will share shortly. I have got back to working on another secret crochet project. Again, I will share this soon.

Last week I made a second infinity scarf for youngest sisters birthday. I have asked her for a pic of her modelling it for us and she is going to convince all of her Uni friends that it is a must have for the winter so I will soon be taking commissions on these.

Here are a couple of pics although you don't get the full effect so come back soon to see my sis modelling it for us.

Mrs Crafty B

Friday 14 September 2012

Crafty B’s Craft Fair: The Result

The sun was shining last Saturday as the stall holders came out in their forces and as a team, we raised £574 for the Rosie Hospital Campaign!

The target was £500 so I am extremely pleased with the result of the first Crafty B’s Craft Fair. The aim was to get the community together to raise money for a worthy cause and I think that was most definitely achieved.

Crafting madness filled the Hobbycraft tables where there was card making, bag decorating, sun catchers being coloured in and fridge magnets calendars being prepared for 2013.
The raffle table was filled with goodies by lots of generous donators and the ACT team came to support the event with all of their Rosie goodies.

A big thanks to Bourn Golf and Leisure once again as well as all of the stall holders and don’t forget to check out some pictures from the day.

Now where’s that project list....

Mrs Crafty B

Thursday 6 September 2012

Crafty B's Craft Fair

Only one day of preparation left!

I have tried to advertise the fair as much as humanly possible to get people along to support The Rosie Hospital Campaign.
There will be a raffle of all of the very generously donated raffle prizes (thank you all) and Hobbycraft Cambridge are now running an open workshop. Activities include sun catchers and a simple cards for the children and for adults, "Home Sweet Home" hangers, 2013 Fridge Magnet Calendars and card making. I can’t wait to see everyone getting creative! I hope to be able to have a go myself.

We have a good line up of 30 stall holders and a rep will be there from The Rosie to raise more awareness and will be armed with Rosie wristbands and the like. Don’t miss out.

You can check out the stall holders here and don't forget to visit the event page

I will of course be there with a handful of my crocheted heart pendants, some mini succulent gardens that I planted in recycled vessels with crocheted jackets and of course there will be some baking tomorrow so come and see me when you arrive!

The venue has a fab restaurant so make a day of it and stop for lunch or a coffee to recharge from all the browsing.

It is set to be a good day so I hope you can make it.

See you on Saturday!

Mrs Crafty B