Tuesday 25 September 2012

Crocheted Union Jack

Hola Crafty Bees

Thanks for checking in to read this blog post. I’m really pleased you have as it means I get to share my frustrations on this particular project!
The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a slog with my being a bit unwell. On the Dr’s orders, I was able to get a couple of days bed rest without Baby B being around which of course equated to lots of crochet and other crafting. A bit of daydreaming thrown in for good measure of course.

I took a look back over my project list and tried to get myself back on track with a bit of a clear out. For now I just want to share one particular project which I finally finished last night!

A while ago when the Union Jack craze hit, ok MONTHS ago, I decided I wanted to crochet one for myself. The search for a pattern began but I couldn't find one, so I decided to write one instead. Ignoring all of the warning signs of course i.e. crochet isn’t symmetrical, the colour changes are going will be problematic.

So pattern in hand, I got to practice and soon realised that on turning I would have to crochet backwards to get the effect I wanted and without having to cast of each colour as I went. Ignoring the knitted look, I got into the flow but left the project aside (as I do) to commit to other things in life. The weekend just gone saw me pick up the Jack, remember how to crochet backwards, crochet a row with the wrong size hook, undo my work, start again and finally finish.
Needless to say I went for a plain back piece to cover up all of the yarn changes at the back. I sort of wish I had taken a pic of those to show you the complications but then again, I’ll be glad to forget it.
I am going to attached a tab for a keyring and it will be treasured forever. Now I guess I need to look for a knitted pattern or maybe think about a large crochet pattern which wont cause me these problems. Maybe a cushion cover. I am certain I could figure it out..... can you see where this is going....

Please share any patterns you know of.

Mrs Crafty B

p.s. sorry about the bad lighting. Had to do this tonight whilst Baby B is tucked up in bed!

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  1. I was really hoping you would have posted the pattern you wrote cause I would love to have it to make Union Jack headset covers for work.