Monday 8 October 2012

Crafting a Daydream with Mrs Crafty B

And so here is my new blog!

OK so it doesn't look too different but I am now using a different platform which means I don't have to be at one particular desktop to share a post, which also means that I can update more often (she says).

It has been a crazy, crazy couple of years but as things are starting to settle down and we are all getting rested up for the big C word, I am finding that I have more time to spend on crafting. Baby B is now big enough to join in! Let the fun commence.

I have said so many times in previous posts, 'I'll tell you about that another time' or 'I'll keep you posted' so I guess my first job is to make good on those promises and update you on previous projects that are done and dusted and tell you what I am working on now. Hopefully this will serve me with some inspiration to get my butt into gear!

Although the links are now missing from my old blog posts, I have moved them over so I would love to take a trip back and share some old posts via Twitter and Facebook.

Keep an eye out for revisited posts and get in touch. I would love to hear what you are working on, what your crafty plans are for the C word and just to generally connect with all you crafters out there in the hope that we can offer each other some inspiration!

Happ-B crafting all

Mrs Crafty B

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