Monday 22 October 2012

Big J and Birthday Bunting

Back when I started my blog, I mentioned Big J and said that I would would come and tell you all about Big J another time. Well, better late then never!

At the start of the year, a purchased my very first sewing machine. I shopped around for a while, picked out some sewing books, and took the plunge. I went for a Janome machine and it is so good! It's portable enough for me to move around but sturdy enough to do some hard core sewing! It's so easy to use for beginners like me but has lots of capabilities for more advanced sewing.

My pride and joy could not go unnamed and so Big J was born.

The big test came in August when I made lots of birthday bunting for Baby B's birthday. Core tongue twister! Here's a couple of pics.

Next time I shall post some pictures of his cake which I have also mentioned in previous blogs, but for least you know what I mean by Big J ;)

Mrs Crafty b

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