Wednesday 29 April 2015

Dunelm Vacuum Pack Storage Bags

Here's the low down on a bit of a storage solution. It's not genius. It's not good looking. It's not innovative. In fact its really common and you see adverts for these all the time. I am just here to stick my hand in the air and say "yup, me, I have used them. They are great".

Oh you have no idea what I'm jabbering on about yet do you?!

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Lego Letter Frames

This post is all about what I have been up to with Lego; especially for you and your friends & family!

I recently decided that in keeping with the Lego craze in my house right now, I would create something personal for the Little B's room and for my desk space.

Monday 20 April 2015

WD40 to The Rescue

You know all those posts and pins about the 100,000 uses for WD40? Well I'm going to be specific because I just had a lightbulb moment.

Sunday 19 April 2015

Upcycled Filing Tray with Ikea Magazine Files

Spring has finally sprung and I've got the cleaning bug; along with a desire to ensure that I really am organised! My new freelance business (Hello My PA) has a highlighted a necessity for a well organised workspace.

My desk is multifunctional with it being used not only for VA work but for crafts, blogging and a place to keep my household 'affairs' in order. I decided that the thing I needed most urgently was some filing trays; something in which to organise incoming work and mail before it is actioned and filed away.

I did find some lovely options for filing trays but the ones I fancied weren't quite in keeping with my 'thrifty living' ways at the moment. This led me to hunt around in my hoard to figure out what I already had that I could use. My search led me to a stash of FLYT Magazine Files by Ikea that I purchased a while ago.
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Wednesday 8 April 2015

How to REALLY Use Laundry Tablets

This will be one of those posts where I share something I have recently learned and then I get bombarded with comments such as "how did you NOT know this?" "Don't you read instructions?" or "everyone knows this." Well, until a few weeks ago I did not know this, and no I don't have 'time' to read instructions!

Tuesday 7 April 2015

I Need!

During my browsing time at the ICHF craft shows, I was drawn to a stand which had magazines laid out with crafty kits as a bonus. I got chatting with the lovely folks from Practical Publishing and I am now familiar with (which you should check out). Not only were they selling copies of lovely magazines, there were lots of crafts kits up for grabs from past issues of various publications.

Although I do a lot of online browsing (obviously), I am a big fan of books and magazines. There's nothing like a good sit down with a cuppa and a mag and being able to pop an actual marker in for your next project! Fully armed with reading material for the train on the way home from the show, I started browsing and decided that I would tell you a bit about the publications I have now discovered; just in case you hadn't heard of them yet! It is worth noting here that it you still do prefer doing everything online, there are a lot of digital subscriptions via 

The publications offered are essentials for crafters, covering things from knitting to paper craft, sewing and stitching. I'm going to kick of with a new sewing magazine…

Thursday 2 April 2015

Top Notch Sleep With Premier Inn NEC

Whenever my family and I travel, we stay at a Premier Inn. We have always received good customer service, a delivery on the promise of a good nights sleep where other guests aren't so considerate and they are always situated in good, convenient locations.

This was also true of the Premier Inn, NEC. When I decided I would go to the ICHF Crafts Shows over three days, there was no debating where I would stay. Although it was a walk to the shows due to sheer size of the venue, the Premier Inn is pretty much on site. There were also shuttle buses if you didn't fancy the walk. Although I had travelled by Crosscountry trains, I did note that the hotel was off of a main road. This is always true of Premier Inns which is why they are so convenient and it never fails to amaze me that I never hear any traffic. EVER!

Wednesday 1 April 2015

Getting to The ICHF Craft Shows at the NEC with Crosscountry Trains

I haven't travelled on the train for quite a few years! Having become a driver towards the end of university, no longer having lots of long journeys to do and having children, I've never really had the need.
When I decided that I would be going to the ICHF shows at the NEC, I thought that maybe driving would be a bit much; the traffic, navigating, parking etc, so I logged into my old Crosscountry account to find out whether I could get there by train.