Thursday 2 April 2015

Top Notch Sleep With Premier Inn NEC

Whenever my family and I travel, we stay at a Premier Inn. We have always received good customer service, a delivery on the promise of a good nights sleep where other guests aren't so considerate and they are always situated in good, convenient locations.

This was also true of the Premier Inn, NEC. When I decided I would go to the ICHF Crafts Shows over three days, there was no debating where I would stay. Although it was a walk to the shows due to sheer size of the venue, the Premier Inn is pretty much on site. There were also shuttle buses if you didn't fancy the walk. Although I had travelled by Crosscountry trains, I did note that the hotel was off of a main road. This is always true of Premier Inns which is why they are so convenient and it never fails to amaze me that I never hear any traffic. EVER!

I didn't check in until after the first day of the show. The NEC has a great affordable cloaks service (£1 per item per day!); so after the show my friend and I whom had also chosen to stay at Premier Inn, enjoyed a quiet walk over to the hotel. We were met by two friendly members of staff and were very quickly checked in. The hotel restaurant looked good for dinner but unfortunately there were no tables until 9.30pm. This was not too much of a problem however as the staff kindly pointed us in the direction of a nearby pub and provided us with takeaway menus should we wish to order in. They even offered to provide plates and cutlery if we needed them!

On arriving in my warmly lit and cosy looking room, I was able to make myself a nice cup of tea with the complimentary tea facilities and I quickly unpacked my bag into the shelves and set up my desk. I would be working as well as 'playing' over the weekend and Premier Inn cater well for both business and leisure trips. Shortly before the trip, I discovered that Premier Inn now offers free WiFi (which I was really pleased to hear) so I quickly logged in to check my mail before heading off out to dinner. I should note that it was REALLY hard to resist climbing into the giant inviting bed!

Those of you who are regular readers will know that I am a huge fan of Costa so it is always very welcome when I stay in a Premier Inn to discover that this is the coffee they serve. After we ate at a local pub, we stopped by the hotel bar, where everyone was enjoying a Friday night beverage. We ordered a pre bed Costa hot chocolate. Cool huh? Well, clearly the hotel catered for everyones tastes! I then made an odd request to staff; which I categorically state was NOT A TEST. I wanted to customise my name badge for the show on Saturday and I asked to borrow a pair of scissors and some sticky tape. This wasn't a problem for the staff on duty and they assured me it wasn't the oddest request they had ever had. I also asked for some extra tea bags for my room which was also not a problem.

After a long day of travelling, attending the ICHF craft shows and catching up with a friend over dinner and hot chocolate, it was time for bed. If you have never stayed in a Premier Inn before, then you might not be familiar with their beds. You should rectify this. The beds are huge. Simply massive. And SO comfortable. There is a choice of soft or firm pillows (I chose to completely surround myself with all of those available!) and the duvet is just the right weight. The room temperate is already set for you and although it can be adjusted for personal taste, I find that it is just right for a perfect nights sleep. I can't rave enough about the beds except to say that if Premier Inn would like to send me one, it would be gratefully received!

The next morning, I woke early after an undisturbed sleep (my body clock is set for Little B's time) but I could enjoy a cup of tea in bed and watch a bit of TV which is a luxury I do not often get to enjoy. My friend and I then headed for breakfast; another perk of a Premier Inn stay! For £8.25 you can enjoy a full English and Continental breakfast including all manner of juices, cereals, pastries, yoghurt etc and of course some good coffee! This was a much needed breakfast in preparation for our day at the NEC attending the ICHF Craft Shows. I hadn't pre-booked breakfast but you can pay as you decide you want it in the restaurant.

On my second night, I made use of the takeaway menus we were given and I was able to work productively in the room. I enjoyed peace and quiet and snuggled up in bed to watch the TV. It was amazing just to switch off after another long day. Checking out the following morning was extremely quick and easy and I was sad that I wasn't stopping for another night!

The Premier Inn, NEC is really easy to get to either by rail or road and it is situated perfectly for events at the NEC. For anyone going to any shows over more than a day, the Premier Inn is highly recommended; a huge breakfast in preparation for those long days walking about the huge venue and a great nights sleep to recoup. The staff were friendly and helpful and nothing seemed too much trouble. The room facilities were everything that you needed for business or pleasure. Where there was not suitable availability for eating in the restaurant, the staff were on hand to provide you with plenty of other options. Overall my stay was enjoyable, comfortable and very snoozy. I wouldn't hesitate in going back to this particular Premier Inn.

I wonder which one I will visit next? I have a feeling it will be on a family trip to Legoland Windsor!

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*My stay at Premier Inn was subsidised in exchange for this review but all opinions expressed are my own.

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