Wednesday 8 April 2015

How to REALLY Use Laundry Tablets

This will be one of those posts where I share something I have recently learned and then I get bombarded with comments such as "how did you NOT know this?" "Don't you read instructions?" or "everyone knows this." Well, until a few weeks ago I did not know this, and no I don't have 'time' to read instructions!

Back when I had time to watch TV with ads, I always used to see those ones with the laundry tablets in little nets or 'liquid tabs.' It would show a wash load in the machine and a hand (always a woman's by the way!) putting the tablets in on top of the clothes; BUT *drum roll please* I recently realised that if the tablet goes in before the laundry, it dissolves straight away as the machine fills up. Hello cleaner and better smelling clothes.

This was literally just a brain wave that I had had (as I stared as the washing machine at the start of its cycle - you have SO done that too); and then I read the box. Instructions were to put the tabs in first. Damn it! I decided it wasn't a new discovery. On a later trip to the supermarket I curiously started reading the boxes of other tablets for laundry. I know this seems mad but my instinct was right; some said put it on top of the load!

Well, if you didn't already put the tabs in first, give it a go! If you already knew this, why didn't you tell me sooner?!

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  1. Sorry I didn't tell you sooner, I already knew! Happy washing lol x