Monday 20 April 2015

WD40 to The Rescue

You know all those posts and pins about the 100,000 uses for WD40? Well I'm going to be specific because I just had a lightbulb moment.

I purchased a plastic storage box from a local supermarket and the lady on the counter stuck a sticker on it to mark it as 'paid for.' I thought it was a Post It but it turns out this wasn't the case. I removed the sticker back at home which left a mess of glue on the otherwise perfectly clear box. So frustrating! I spent numerous 'sessions' scrubbing it with a brush or scouring pad and scraping it with s spoon; having soaked it in detergent all day. I was completely fed up with the box being less that the condition that I purchased it in and suddenly…lightbulb; that WD40 theory!

I use it occasionally for squeaky doors, to loosen up locks and recently I used it to clean some stains from some book cases. Worth a go. I sprayed the liquid directly onto the glue, scrubbed with the brush in circular motions for about 5 seconds, wiped with a paper towel and voila! I couldn't believe it actually worked so well. So now when you have the glue remnants from stickers, you know what to use.

What else do you use or have you used your WD40 for? Share with the Crafty B's in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter with #WD40totherescue
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  1. I use WD40 sprayed on a spade so the mud doesn't stick to it, on my bicycle, squeaky doors, padlocks. It's great stuff :)

    1. The spade idea is great! I shall have to tell Hubby B that one.