Monday, 5 September 2016

Grandma's Poetry Book by Di Castle

When I was asked to review ‘Grandmas Poetry Book’ I wasn’t sure what to expect. As a ‘journey through the eyes of a grandmother’ I didn’t know if I would be the right readership. However, this book has had a profound effect on me and prompted me to connect with some thoughts and feelings that I hadn’t yet explored.

I used to read a lot. Not anymore. I also used to read and write a lot of poetry which is something that has been lost to me for some time. I was really grateful to have the opportunity to read some fun contemporary poetry, but I wasn’t expecting the other emotions that came with it and this book was a great introduction back into the world of beautiful and fun poems. Although I am not too sure that I am happy being outed as the Easter Egg eater! We’ve been busted Mums!

The first poem grabbed my attention immediately. My mum was a ‘young’ mum and was never keen on the idea of being a Nanny too soon. She is still the same as the first poem and indeed enjoys a bit of vino but happily she took immediately to being a grandparent. The poems lead you through a journey of childhood through the eyes of a grandmother and I couldn’t help but draw many similarities to my own mother. Things she sometimes says and does. The emotions came from reading about feelings that I never considered that my own mother might have. Well, I may have considered but never really gave it an afterthought. I specifically connected with ‘Mother to Mother’ as the poem is based on the date of my birth.

When I gave birth to Baby B, I developed a new found respect for my Mum and for the concept of motherhood in general. I was so excited to start on my own new journey and to embrace what it brought. Rather selfishly perhaps, although we recognised this was a special time for grandparents, I gave no real focus to their journey. Di Castle documents it brilliantly in these heart felt, warm and hilarious poems.

I find it difficult to imagine that our maternal journeys will never really end, our roles will just change over time. It is not something I need to think about right now, except that my mother’s role has changed and perhaps Di Castle’s tongue in cheek representation has more truth in it than I will know at this point in time.

I would highly recommend *Grandma's Poetry Book by Di Castlefor Grandmas but I also recommend it for you mothers out there on a new journey; this might change your perceptions of things just a little bit.
Mrs Crafty B
*This is an affiliate link. Please note that this post was not sponsored. I was sent a copy of the book for an honest review and all thoughts and opinions are my own. 
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