Making Home

Mrs Crafty B is Making Home!

Taking that first step onto the property ladder is a big one. Moving from Cambridge to the Welsh Valleys is another. Doing both at the same time with Hubby B, two little B’s, a little cat and a crafting obsession is a huge adventure.
Making Home is a series of blog posts, articles, guest posts, reviews, tools and tutorials all about buying a house, relocating and making home. There's even some garden related posts and some ideas for what to do when you're on an 'away from home' adventure.

Join Mrs Crafty B as the crafting of daydreams continues whilst Making Home.

Handmade for Home
Make your home beautiful at your own hands! Here you will find posts, guest posts, tutorials and anything else relating to DIY and handmade items for the home.

Home Keeping
Today's pace of living is sometimes so fast; juggling full and part time jobs, parenting (with all the duties it brings itself) and trying to keep a home. It's no mean feat! Here's a collection of posts with tips, advice and a bit of humour to make it all a little easier.

Home Product Reviews
The best way to find out about great products for your home is word of mouth. I am ready to tell you about all manner of products and decorative features that will help in the journey to making your house your home. 

Have a bit of outdoor space? Love the idea of getting green fingers? With inspiration and guest posts from Hubby B himself, alongside others, these garden posts will help you in your journey. 

We love hosting garden based get togethers; picnics, BBQ's and we always have lots of young ones to keep entertained!  Check out the latest products for gardening, creating and keeping beautiful outdoor spaces for all the family. 

The process of moving your 'home' into a new house is a huge adventure as well as being stressful at the best of times. Here's a few posts, articles, tools and resources to help you in your journey.

With your beautiful 'base camp' created and kept, don't hesitate to have an adventure or two away from home. As well as making beautiful memories, who knows what you might find to contribute to your collection. Here's a few ideas from our experiences and adventures.

Moving, making and keeping home is hard work and we all need a few treats now and then. Here are a few simple products for a quick and easy 'pick up'.