Wednesday, 31 August 2016

How to Sew a Cube Pin Cushion by Jessalli

The exhibitors of The Handmade Fair are back with some great tutorials for you Crafty Bs. If you haven't already planned your visit, don't forget to book your tickets using the special Crafty Bs discount code.

Today, Sophia of Jessalli is showing us how to make a very cute cube pin cushion. I should note at this point that the bee was not a pre-requisit but of course is an apt choice of fabric and I love it! 

Supplies Used:

  • Jessalli Meadow© Printed Fabric
  • Contrasting Fabric
  • Iron on interfacing medium
  • Card
  • Polyfibre Stuffing
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Needle and thread
  • Small Pebbles

Here's how:
Cut an 8cm square template from card and draw around it six times on your iron on interfacing. Cut loosely around them.

Iron four onto the back of your Meadow Print fabric, I made sure I placed each motif I wanted in the centres of each square.
Iron the remaining two onto your contrasting fabric. Cut all six squares out neatly.

Lay your squares out with the motifs facing the way you’d like them to finish. The two contrasting squares should be laid out above and below the top piece. This is your guide for sewing in the right order.
Sew the four Meadow print squares first. Joining the edges with your sewing foot lined up at the edge of each piece. Do this until all four are joined in a line. Press the seams out.
Next join the contrasting pieces to your top piece. Leave the same allowance at the start and finish of each of the pieces, you’ll need this allowance to join the sides.

Next fold the side of one of your contrasting pieces to line up with the side of your next-door Meadow piece. Join these leaving the same allowance at the start and finishing when it meets the stitches of your previous line at the corner.

Continue in this way until you have one side left to sew. I normally make sure this is one of the base sides.

You now want to sew this last side up leaving a 4-5cm gap in the centre. We will use this to turn and stuff our pin cushion.
Next turn your pin cushion the right way out through the gap and fill your pin cushion with the polyfibre stuffing. You want to fill it so it’s quite dense. Use a pencil end or crochet hook to poke the stuffing right into the corners 
Next get your pebbles and place them neatly at the bottom, this will give your pin cushion weight and keep it standing the right way. Try and lay them flat inside to cover the base.
You now need your needle and thread to sew up the gap. Use a ladder stitch to create a neat finish and hide any stitches.
You can steam press the sides if you like, then insert your pins! Done!
What a great project for someone wanting to get started with sewing. This of course could be done without the use of a sewing machine. I can't wait to visit Sophia at the Handmade Fair this Autumn, she will be on stand E130 for those wanting to check out what Jessalli has to offer. 
Mrs Crafty B
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