Monday, 15 August 2016

Meet The Maker: Maura from The Messy Brunette

As you will know if you are a regular reader, I love a bit of crochet. When the image of today's featured item landed in my inbox, I couldn't help but smile. I love the way the colours work together and how they are so bright and cheerful in a calm kind of way. This lovely crocheted blanket was made by Maura from The Messy Brunette.

Hi Maura, I love your blog and it is great to finally have you over at Mrs Crafty B. What is normally your favourite way to catch up with a friend?
These days its out for a coffee and cake. My social activities are somewhat curtailed with 2 smallies in the house.

Ha ha. I hear you! My two love a coffee and cake date now too! So tell us a little bit about yourself.
Oh where to start?! Well I am Irish and I turned 40 last year, still in denial of course. Married with 2 small people. We lived in Shrewsbury, Shropshire for 2 years and sometimes we regret moving back, we try to go back every year. I worked in administration for years and years but I always liked crafty things, it wasn’t until I was at home with some time on my hands and old house to do up that I started getting more involved. I love dark chocolate & I have a fear of dogs but own a Bernese!

That sounds like a story in itself Maura. I did have to check that was actually a dog! What about the handmade item you are sharing with us?
This is my vintage rainbow blanket that I am making for myself – one to hand down! I saw this first over on blog, she calls it the Diamond Stitch Blanket. It’s an easy enough pattern to try and it’s nice to sit down at night and do a few rows while watching telly.

How and when did you learn to crochet?
I always loved looking at crochet, it seems more interesting that knitting. When I was pregnant in the UK about a few years ago I couldn’t get out much so I decided to try and teach myself. So I googled and googled and you tubed until I got it. Still learning really.

I learned in a very similar way and it is so addictive and therapeutic isn't it? What inspires and
motivates you?
Well the house we moved into was my husband’s home place and needed a face lift so that motivated me to get going on projects especially on upcycling furniture as they never threw anything out! I love looking at blogs for ideas & seeing someones else take on things. One of the reasons I started my blog was to document my work

Other blogs are my go to source for inspiration. I love seeing what has been tried and tested. Where do you like to craft?
Well I did up an old room & use that as my craft room. I love spending my time in there. We wallpapered the floor and upcycled an old writing bureau which I blogged about and moved all my bits in there. I like to crochet at night on the sofa watching some telly though!

I remember reading about those projects. I am totally jealous of your bureau. It is write up my street! What is your favourite craft?
I seem go through fazes of different crafts but I always come back to crochet.

Do you have any crafting tips?
When I am working on a project or thinking about a project, I like to do a bit of research on it, then I pin stuff to Pinterest to reference later. I am a newbie at Twitter but have found lots of people there, twitter chats are a great way to connect with other likeminded people so I am learning! Link ups are great too. Not really a fan of Facebook but I am in a few groups there, they can be good to get help with. If you are starting a project like painting just make sure you have everything prepped & you have the paint, nothing worse than starting and stopping!

Where can we find you online?
You can find me here:
Instagram: TheMessyBrunette 
Twitter: @messymaura 
Pinterest: messybrunette

What big plans do you have for the next 12 months?
Thinking about opening an online shop but not really sure

Quick fire round!:

Your favourite crafty tool?
My hooks!

Your crafting hero?
Oh so many ….. I love what Joanne of is doing, she is great with a paint brush. I recently found Claireabellamakes & loving her stuff. I like Attic24 for her crochet tutorials and Pip from for all her help in blog land.

You're working on a project, what is on in the background?
TodayFM or sometimes I just like the quiet.

Favourite dessert?
Anything with cream

Crafting refreshments?
Coffee, chocolate, love hearts ….. in no particular order!

Your favourite handmade item?
My crochet mandalas that I put in hoops hanging in my kitchen

Your favourite place?
My craft room

Three things that make you happy?
Family, food & craft supplies!

Your biggest achievement?
Starting my blog

Maura, thanks so much for sharing a bit about yourself via Meet The Maker. It is great to host such likeminded people. Crafty Bs, if you don't already follow The Messy Brunette I suggest you go find Maura in her virtual spaces for more beautiful and inspiring craft projects. 
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