Monday, 29 August 2016

Meet The Maker: Jenny from The Gingerbread House

This week, we are meeting Jenny from The Gingerbread House. I love reading Jenny's news, reviews and of course craft projects and today we are getting to ooo and aaaa over here very beautiful rainbow quilt. 

Hi Jenny. It is so great to have you on the Mrs Crafty B blog! What is normally your favourite way to catch up with a friend?
Definitely a glass of wine in a nice little bar somewhere.

That sounds good! So tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Jenny and I live in London with my husband and two young children. I started my blog back in 2005 as a place to write about the crafts I tried and the different things I made.

It is a great bog that is on my reading list! So what are you sharing with us today?
I’ve recently finished a Liberty rainbow quilt for my daughter. I bought the ready cut strips from the Knitting and Stitching Show as I’m terrible at buying fabric and never being brave enough to cut it! The pre-cut strips made it much easier to start and I had a finished quilt in a couple of evenings. To add interest to the quilt top I cut little stars and hand-stitched them on. My daughter loves to feel for them in the night if she wakes up.

I know the feeling with regards to cutting fabrics ha ha! So how and when did you learn to sew?
My grandmother taught and encouraged me to sew when I was little. She made me my first sewing basket which I used for years. Now I love to read craft blogs and discover new skills and techniques online.

What inspires and motivates you?
I love making things for my chlldren or upcycling items for our house. Basically, as long as I have a couple of craft projects on the go I am happy.

I love having a few 'WIP's' too! Where do you like to craft?
It is my dream to have a craft room of my own. My husband has an office and a shed so it is a real bone of contention between us! For now I craft from the dining room table and blog from my laptop on the sofa. One day I will have some space!

He should donate the office to you ;-) What is your favourite craft?
Ooh, difficult as I love trying new crafts. At the moment I would say sewing doll quilts to hang on my quilt gallery wall, my collection of adult colouring books and die cutting with my Sizzix Big Shot Plus.

The adult colouring books are so great aren't they. I have just started using my Sissix big shot to cut shapes from my finished pictures! So do you have any crafting tips?
My favourite event of the year is the Knitting and Stitching Show. I’ve been going for the last couple of years, buying gorgeous fabric and taking part in workshops.

Shows and exhibitions are such great places to get inspiration aren't they? So where can we find you online?
I blog at The Gingerbread House and I have lots of social accounts but my favourites are Instagram and Pinterest.

What big plans do you have for the next 12 months?
Ideally I’d love to return to work and get a job. I stopped working when my son was born in 2010. With my daughter starting Reception in September I am keen to mix with adults again and earn money to carry on buying craft supplies. 2016 will also see my finish my Shipping Forecast quilt which I’m excited about.

Quick fire round!:
Your favourite crafty tool?
Sizzix Big Shot Plus

Your crafting hero?
Mollie Johanson of Wild Olive

You're working on a project, what is on in the background?
Classic FM, I belong to my local Choral Society so any choral music Is perfect for me

Favourite dessert?
Crème brulee

Crafting refreshments?
Diet Coke and a Tunnocks Caramel Wafer

Your favourite handmade item?
A gorgeous doll quilt I received through a recent craft swap

Your favourite place?
Bruges, Belgium

Three things that make you happy?
My family, some time to craft and a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows

Your biggest achievement?
Probably my two children as being a mum is the hardest thing I’ve ever done!

Jenny it has been so great to have you on Mrs Crafty B and I look forward to reading more crafty adventures on your blog.
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