Friday 5 August 2016

Making Home Link Up #38: A Legoland Adventure

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The past week seems to have passed by in a blur. Whilst I am trying to figure out how to reset the anti-flood system on my dishwasher, I'm recalling what I have to update you on.

Last weekend we went on a trip to visit family. The drive can be up to 4 hours on a good run (just one stop) so it is always a challenge with our Little Bs. The journey home this time however was particularly exciting as we stopped for a day at Legoland! Legoland can be a particularly expensive trip but with our Tesco Clubcard points we were able to get a great deal on tickets. If you have never exchanged your Tescos vouchers for 'days out' vouchers , I highly recommend it as it is a great way to save a lot of cash of family fun and is especially useful during the summer holidays.

After a three day weekend and some time off of work related 'stuff', I spent most of the week playing catch up. Running a business with two children during the summer holidays is not easy and I am finding that it is a juggling act I wasn't as prepared for as I thought. The good news is that for the first time in over a year, Hubby B and I are heading out for dinner this evening at Purple Poppadum in Cardiff. It was actually a birthday gift for Hubby B in December but as we struggle with childcare, we haven't been able to get there until now. I am very much looking forward to their 6 course taster menu and having a long overdue date night with Hubby B.

In other news I have finally bought the last of the curtains for our house so the last two windows will finally be dressed! I am hoping to choose some paint for the office this weekend and that is the next room on the list. 

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Have fun! 

Mrs Crafty B
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