Wednesday 29 April 2015

Dunelm Vacuum Pack Storage Bags

Here's the low down on a bit of a storage solution. It's not genius. It's not good looking. It's not innovative. In fact its really common and you see adverts for these all the time. I am just here to stick my hand in the air and say "yup, me, I have used them. They are great".

Oh you have no idea what I'm jabbering on about yet do you?!
Sorry. Vacuum pack storage bags. Specifically these ones from Dunelm Mill . I have used these bags in the past and thought they were rubbish and didn't solve any issue for me. I think that might have been more to do with the actual product that I picked rather than the concept.

On our landing we have a large storage cupboard and we don't yet have any shelving. Piles of spare bedding, duvets, pillows and towels were becoming a huge pain in the neck as we are often entertaining and I began to fear for my life with the impending avalanche of laundry that threatened to floor me every time I opened the door! So I purchased two boxes of these bags. One of them is being used to store winter coats that are no longer required (yes there are actually a couple) and that has saved loads of space in the top of our wardrobe. The other two bags are being used to store two king sized duvets and six pillows! It not only saves space in our cupboard but makes it easier to get things in and out.

So how much space are we talking about here? Well, I'll leave the scientific mathsey stuff to Hubby B. I have taken a before and after picture against our very standard sized door!

Here is a 'big bag'. It contains a king sized duvet and four pillows. You can see the top of the bag is just above the door handle.
And here is a little bag! It has the same stuff in, I promise! 
The bag itself was a little fiddly when ensuring that it was closed properly. The tool that you are given per bag also comes off quite easily and typically I now have just one for all four bags. Getting the cap on before all the air rushed back in was also a bit of a challenge; but once the items were in, it was sealed and the air was removed with our electric pump (you can use a hoover too), they stayed closed and as a 'little bag' .

If you have a pile of things that are causing you a bit a logistical problem I think these are worth a go and if you are using them for spare bedding like me, my top tip is to pop the duvet covers and pillow slips on the duvets and pillows first! That way the bedding is already ready to go when you need it and you have skimmed a little extra off of the duvet cover pile as well!

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