Monday 4 May 2015

Re-Create Upcycled Stamps

It's no secret that I love a bit of upcycling. Sometimes I'm on the hunt for materials for a specific purpose and sometimes I just grab stuff or save 'bits and bobs' because one day, they might be useful. I decided that my die cutting machine could be used for more than cutting shapes from card and I wanted to make some stamps from the lovely dies that I had. 
My local scrapstore had plenty to inspire but I grabbed some black foam stuff that looked like old packing material for something and some flooring material.

I used the die cutting machine to cut out the shapes and I used PVA (also from the scrapstore) to stick the shapes to the foam. Because the flooring material was porous, I had to use it a few times to get the results I wanted but eventually the more I used it, the better the results. I don't wash the stamps but rather just blot all the excess off onto some scrap paper.
You don't have to have a die cutting machine for this you could cut out any shape you like. Why not trace any designs or shapes that take your fancy or print them out if they are online. Just cut them out to outline them onto your material and cut them out with a craft knife or scissors

This would also be a great activity for your Mini Makers; help them to cut out their own shapes and make their very own collection of stamps to use with their paints!

What do you think? What other material could I use to make stamps aside from lino and wooden blocks.  Have you ever made stamps? What did you use?  Share your pictures on the Mrs Crafty B Facebook page so that I can share them with the other Crafty B's

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