Tuesday 9 October 2012

Upcycled Christmas Gift Tags

Hi all!

Baby B is napping so I thought I would check in quickly with an update! I thought you might find this useful with Christmas looming.

Last Christmas I took recycled tag making kiddie style and stepped it up a notch by cutting luggage tag shapes out of old cards, instead of the pictures. I used the tags on goodies at a Christmas bazaar and of course all of my gifts to family members. I found the whole process quite therapeutic!

I decided that this tag making would become a Christmas tradition in the B Household as it would recycle all of the Christmas cards that we receive and save money on tags that get thrown away. Resourceful in every way and you can never beat a bit of a handmade touch!

Before this christmas I vowed that I would turn my collection of old cards into tags before starting this annual tag making activity. As all you crafters will know, most of us 'collect' so the pile was pretty big! However, as I said I would do, I got back to my project list, and last night I tackled a huge pile of cards!

Heres what we do....

1) Use a luggage tag that you like the style of, or a template of a tag that you like and place it over a bit of the picture that you like on an old Christmas card.

2) Draw around the tag and cut it out.

3) Punch a hole in the top of the tag, and tie some ribbon or string through the hole.
See, as easy as... well 1, 2, 3!!

On another note, at the Crafty B's Craft Group last night, I tried some embossing on some cards and I have to say I found it very addictive. The lady who lent me the equipment has informed me that she has located some new stencils. Can't wait to do some more next week!

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Love and bubbles,

Mrs Crafty B


  1. Wow!! That's such a good idea - I wish I'd saved all of last years Christmas cards now!
    Hannah x

  2. Glad you like the idea.
    I bet you know someone who has lots of old cards! If not then you have something crafty to do between Christmas and New Year this year!

  3. I am compelled to cut our Christmas cards up into gift tags every year. I could be a millionaire and still wouldn't be able to stop myself from doing it - it's just one of those things that my mum ingrained into me! Like your idea for the shape - that looks fab!

    Lisa @ http://www.howtobeadomesticdisgrace.blogspot.com