Tuesday 9 April 2013

Mr Bumble at the Zoo

Here at our place today, nothing seems to be working efficiently, including me! It's nap time (which nowadays is very short) so I thought I'd quickly share with you Mr Bumble gatecrashing our trip to Linton Zoo at the weekend.

Here he is with the Lions. Baby B ran around shouting RRAAAARRR just to educate us on the ways of these beasts.
With a snow leopard...
Enjoying a spot of lunch...
Visiting the owls. Here we also saw some cuckoo burrows. They were silent until Baby B did some shouting and really loud pretend laughing which set them off into a frenzy and their 'laughing' noises stopped Baby B in his tracks. It was very amusing to see his little face so shocked. 
Here he is with a massive tortoise...
and a zebra.
Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of him with the lemurs. When we saw them we sang 'I like to move it' which the lemurs in madagascar dance to. It sent Baby B off into a display of very cool dancing and singing and he got so excited, he grabbed the legs of the nearest person not realising it wasn't his Grandad. When we ask Baby B what the crocodile says he slaps his hands together and shouts 'NAP' which I love so I was gutted to miss his reaction when Grandad put his head inside the mouth of a crocodile sculpture. I had run off to the ladies. Pregnancy woes. 

All in all it was a fab day, made better by Baby B shouting 'BEE' every time Mr Bumble made an appearance and him saying 'flower' ever more clearly as he picked the daisies.

Love, love, love him. He is my drive for everything. In fact, when we returned home, we combined bee and flowers to take some pictures of Mr Bumble with our home grown flowers and plants, which are everywhere. More of that another time.

Mrs Crafty B

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