Thursday 25 April 2013

Crafty B's Cupcake Decorating Party

At this week's Crafty B's craft group, we got down and sugary with a cupcake decorating party.

I made a big batch of vanilla cupcakes and butter icing and the group took these as a blank canvas and created some works of art.

Inspiration? Anything and everything. We had books, magazines and pictures provided by me and group members. We chatted, inspected what kind of colours, cutters, moulds and tools were at our disposal, considered what we might like to achieve and then we went for it.

Some wanted to make something pretty, some wanted artistic and some wanted practice for upcoming caking projects. Everyone had a different level of experience and some came with no experience whatsoever and took home the most amazing first time creations. Personally, I don't believe some of those 'first timers' ;-). he he.

Here are some pictures from the evening.*
Hopefully everyone had a lovely time and we will definitely do something like this again.

Don't forget that if you are local, the Crafty B's meet every Monday at 7.15pm till 9pm in the portacabin behind St.Marys Church in Hardwick, Cambridgeshire. It's the perfect chance for a couple of hours of crafting for those who don't get to fit it in elsewhere. We love to inspire each other with new ideas and discuss our next projects and there are no experts, just ladies learning along the way and sharing skills and knowledge.

If you feel that you want to come along or just want to pop in for a cuppa to see what we are all about, please feel free to come along** or just email me to make contact. We're a friendly bunch and would love to see you there :-). The email address in

Love and Sugar,

Mrs Crafty B

*The dress was made by a participant who found the picture online. I am awaiting a link to credit the original creator.
**We don't meet on bank holidays :-)


  1. Oh wow! A successful evening :) I love the ladybird cakes! xx

  2. It was. The ladybirds are from a 20 To Make book. Everyone made lovely decorations:-)