Sunday 30 December 2012

Christmas Crafting #5 Christmas Wreath

When I was younger my mum used to hang a Christmas tree decoration on the wall. It was a flat Christmas tree with built in lights and a few decorations. When I left home I used it in my own house for a couple of years but then it was shoved in a box, falling to pieces.

In true 'upcycling' nature, I decided to use this to create something new rather than throw it in the bin. I hacked up the branches and wrapped them around a polystyrene half wreath using a glue gun to fix them. A few of the decorations were too broken to use and some of them have been put away until I need them for another project but I glued a few to my wreath.

It's not a natural wreath and it isn't as beautiful as some that I have seen but it is the first one I have made and owned and it has made use of something that would have otherwise have been thrown away.

Here are some pics.

Mrs Crafty B

Bye bye Mr Christmas tree
Hello pretty Christmas wreath

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