Tuesday 25 November 2014

Meet the Maker Catch Up With Vicky of This is Lullaby

It's Meet the Maker Tuesday again, but instead of meeting someone new, we are catching up with past interviewee, Vicky of This is Lullaby. Lets see what she has been up to...

Well, what an 18 months it’s been. I suppose the biggest change is that This is Lullaby is now a proper business, rather than a hobby that made me spend money. I know that is something lots of crafters aspire to, so I feel very privileged to be where I am.

Last time I spoke about wanting to work on a strong brand strategy which I hope I now have. To do this I’ve had my logo redesigned, which was done in collaboration with another designer, as that is not my strong point! I ordered new labels and business cards in line with this, and have been using a similar colour palette where possible to tie it all together. I even have a little strap line ‘baby clothing with vintage personality’, that nicely describes my brand and is handy to use.

As lots of you will have experienced, one of the hardest things about running a home based business is juggling family and work more or less successfully! Trading at lots of craft fairs and markets took its toll as we missed out on so much family time, which wasn’t making me happy. So, I made a decision around 9 months ago to stop, and just sell online (and stocking some independent shops). It was a risk, and wouldn’t work for everyone, but it’s been a great thing for us. I’ve been able to put all my energy into my Etsy shop, refocusing on making to order, rather than accumulating stock. I’ve been refining and developing new products such as new baby gift sets and little suits, and the results are paying off. It looks like I’m on track for 1000 Etsy sales before Christmas, eeeeeeeek!

One thing that’s given me more freedom (and so much happiness) is that I now have my very own dedicated sewing room, YES… the dream. We moved house a year ago and I could never go back to the dining room table! Not having to pack everything away each day still feels like a luxury, I love it. The vintage fabric collection is growing and growing though to fill it up, hmmmmm, dangerous.

My new social media passion is Instagram, I find lots of inspiration there. Follow me there @thisislullaby if you share my love.

Thanks for catching up with me!

Vicky x

Thanks for coming back to see us Vicky. It's great to see how your journey is progressing. You're always welcome to come back and share news with the Crafy B's! 

You can read Vicky's past interview here where you will find all the links to her virtual places.
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