Monday 24 November 2014

The First Steps in Making Home

I am so glad to be back!

Having expected to publish my first post from The Welsh Valleys on October 30th when my internet was due to be connected, (a whole other story) I have updated this a few times not really knowing when I would get it out there to you! As it stands, my internet STILL isn't connected and I am working on a 3G signal to get back in touch with my online community. Baby B has gone off for his first day back at nursery (NOT pre-school) after a bit of a hassle with it all and Littlest B is napping, so I couldn't think of anything better than a bit of nap time blogging!

SO…here I am. Welcome back to Crafting a Daydream and my new Making Home venture. Boy it’s been a journey to get to here!

Back in May we found out that we would be relocating to Wales from Cambridge. Having brought our first home, splitting up the family for a couple of months (Hubby B started his new job two months before we could move) and FINALLY landing in The Valleys all together, I am finally ready to start Making Home.

The move was a little stressful and with Hubby B being abroad until 2am on the first of two moving days and going abroad again less that 24 hours after arriving, my initial plans to be here alone with the Little B’s for the first week, quickly changed. Once the boxes were stacked 3 or 4 high all over the house, I started to feel that it would not be child safe and starting the unpacking would not be easily achieved over the week that I would be alone with them. I felt so naïve! So a last minute arrangement meant that the boys could be dropped with relatives and I spent a very weird first week on my own unpacking and making the place liveable.
I have to admit that having organized the whole move alone and coping thus far, I did feel less of a ‘superhero’ Mummy and that I sort of copped out but something had to give somewhere. I did feel really guilty about sending them away as it must be an especially unsettling time for them, especially as their Daddy had been back and fourth for two months but I tried not to give myself too much of a hard time. This all got me thinking about the effect of the move on the boys, which I will talk about another time.

A plus side is that they returned to a livable home, a big pot homemade bolognaise and their favourite pudding, custard. Rumour had it that they had been giving their hosts a run for their money whilst away and with not being able to get Baby B a preschool place straight away and Littlest B well on the way to walking, I knew I was going to have to up my game when wearing my ‘teacher’ and ‘entertainment committee’ hats; another topic to be looked at on my journey.
It’s so strange that from the moment I arrived in our new house, I felt a weird sense of ownership and pride that I have never felt in any rented property. Don’t get me wrong, I have always looked after any property that I have lived in, after all they have been our homes, but there’s definitely an overwhelming urge to keep everything shiny and new. No mean feat with two little boys and a grown up one! One of the plus sides of having gone with an off plan new build was that we got to pick our fixtures and fittings. We did however think long term and perhaps naively picked highly polished cream tiles and shiny ivory kitchen units. EEK! It is beautiful and light but I can imagine it will be quite high maintenance so the search begins for the perfect cleaning products and homemade solutions.

Another plus side to our shiny new house is that it is a completely blank canvas. Cream walls, light wood finishes, neutral carpets, limestone fireplace and the dining room boasts patio doors that open up overlooking the garden; (which Hubby B will be heading up) which at the moment is just turfed and waiting for character! I am feeling totally inspired and as life becomes a bit more laid back after a crazy couple of years and in the run up to Christmas I am hopeful that I will find some time to continue my crafting journey, documenting it here obviously.

I also have some vouchers from my lovely Hardwick Crafty B’s to spend in Hobbycraft so I wonder what sort of thing I might like to try next?! My next stop on the entertainment front is a DIY DVD that I acquired from a huge DIY store in the UK. I have already discovered much pleasure in walking around said store, almost as much as browsing the Swedish superstore that we all hate to love. By the way, there is one of those close to me now. WOO! I spotted it whilst I was supposed to be directing Hubby B and he went the wrong way as I was distracted by the HUGE blue building. Whoops.
Who knows where this new adventure will lead us too. I can but daydream. For now, I am really looking forward to a relaxed few weeks getting settled and an amazing first family Christmas in our new home.
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  1. Congratulations on your lovely new home! How exciting to have all that blank canvas to play with. I think you did the right thing taking the kiddies out of the house whilst you unpack - I think they will settle much sooner coming back to a fairly ordered house, than they would have witnessing you trying to unpack and figure out where everything should go! I hope you're all very happy in your new home and I look forward to seeing what you do with it! Becky #MakingHome

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