Crafty B's

What is Crafty B's?
A new venture aiming to provide community craft groups, events and projects, providing a welcoming and stimulating environment for all. Crafty B's is working on enabling and encouraging creative minds, bringing people together and reducing stress, anxiety and social isolation.
The blog 'Crafting a Daydream' was started in 2012 as a way for 'Mrs Crafty B' to connect with like minded people and natter about her crafty adventures. The first Crafty B's craft group was set up in Hardwick, Cambridgeshire shortly afterwards as a way of providing an informal setting for a group of people to meet, have a cup of tea and a biscuit (very important), chat, inspire each other, continue or start craft projects and learn and share new skills. 

Crafty B's then organised a craft fair which raise almost £600 for Rosie Hospital Campaign.

Whilst continuing to support the concept of handmade and crafty businesses with a Meet the Maker feature on the 'Crafting a Daydream' blog and with community at its heart, Crafty B's will continue to expand through 2014 with several ideas and events in the pipeline.

Crafty B's needs your help! As a self funded project, it relies on people getting involved. 

So how can you help?
There are a number of ways you can help to support Crafty B's.

Wear a badge: If you have a blog, website or somewhere else to save the image, wear a Crafty B badge just like this one
Crafty Bs
Just copy and paste this piece of html code

<div align="center"><a href="" title="Crafty Bs"><img src="" alt="Crafty Bs" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Get involved virtually: Come and follow Crafty B's on Twitter, like the Facebook page and share your craftiness and sign up to the Crafting a Daydream blog all in the name of staying in touch and informed. There will be opportunities for crafters and businesses to be involved online and from a distance so don't miss out. Don't forget to tweet and say hi or to share your latest crafty creations or your crafty business details. 

Come to a group: If you are local to Cambridge and the surrounding areas, come and join in with a group. If there isn't one that suits you for time or location, let us know by emailing

Promote a Crafty B's group: Tell everyone about the groups! Word of mouth, share the posters, print them out and stick them up, tweet it and share it on Facebook. Someone who could benefit from a Crafty B's group might see it! 

Attend a craft fair: If you are a crafty business with easy access to Cambridgeshire, email your information to I will email details of when and where the craft fairs are so that you can book your space. If you love crafts or just fancy an afternoon out, come to a fair. I promise there won't just be fabulous stalls selling lovely handcrafted items...oh no...there will be much more than that. 

Buy a Lucky Dip Craft Kit: These kits have been lovingly created from upcycled materials to raise money for Crafty B's. Colours of the kits vary but they all include a card and an envelope, a gift tag, several die cut shapes, ribbons and buttons. They have been designed so that you can use the kit to create more that one item or use the contents along with your own crafty stash. They would make a lovely token gift or addition to a craft stash. 
The kits are £3.50 which includes p+p and all moneys raised go towards materials needed for the Crafty B's craft groups to run. Email to purchase your kit via paypal.

You can see reviews of this kit via the links page.

Donate something: You could donate something for the groups to use. We will always require materials to craft with and a donation of craft materials for the group is very much welcome. Perhaps usable craft papers, die cut shapes, ribbons, buttons, inks, paint, glue, envelopes, yarns, hooks and needles, brushes, storage boxes, crayons or colouring books. Don't forget the groups will be provided for all ages so we need things suitable for preschoolers as well as older children and adults! 

All in all we want to provide something for everyone so get clicking and become part of the Crafty B's community now. 

Mrs Crafty B

NB Verified paypal buttons will be included on this page soon.