Sunday 6 May 2012

Crochet Heart Key Pendant

I have been going craft crazy!

I haven't had a lot of free time lately, hence my delay in delivering a new post but in the time that I have had, I have been very productive. Obviously there has been a bit of daydreaming in between!

My first achievement since I last posted was a reunion with my mixing bowl and wooden spoon. The result?Some lemon and white chocolate cupcakes for my Crafty B’s Craft Group in Hardwick.
They seemed to go down quite well.

Obviously my love for all things crochet has led to some more hook hook hookin’. I have been crocheting little hearts and flowers, continuing with a couple of other projects and you may have seen the little heart that I crocheted as a birthday gift for a friend. I attached a keying in order to create a key pendant. She loved it! I was so pleased. That was definitely a highlight of my craftiness over the last couple of weeks. I love to see someone else enjoying the results of my crafting enthusiasm.
If you would like to own one of these lovely little hearts or would like to send a bit of love to someone special let me know! I have a choice of colours :). Contact me via e-mail or join me on Facebook and Twitter.

Along the same theme, I started to create my first ‘Mrs Crafty B's Guide To...' I cannot tell you how excited I am! It was a step by step guide to crochet stitches and I used it for my first theme night at my Crafty B’s Craft Group. It is currently incomplete as I need to add a few pics but as soon as I do, I will share it with you.

Perhaps you can offer me an idea of what crochet related subjects you find difficult to find. I would love to put together a really comprehensive guide with some easy to follow patterns. Join me on Facebook and Twitter to offer a few ideas and some inspiration.

In other crafty related news, last Saturday I headed to Cake International at ExCel in London. What a day! I have also started a very special cross stitch. I have lots to say on both of those fronts so I will share that with you next time.

Ta Ta for now

Mrs Crafty B

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