Thursday 3 July 2014

Sunny Summer Holidays and New Life Chapters

A few weeks ago, had I been updating my blog, I would of been telling you about all the new Crafty B's group which were up and running. The Crafty B's week was looking a bit like this:

Hardwick Crafty B's 7.15pm till 9pm

Craft Cafe at 19 The Coffee House 9am till 11am

Re-Imagine Craft Cafe 10.30am till 12.00pm
Mini-Makers Re-Imagine Craft Cafe 12.30pm till 2pm
Mini-Makers After School Craft Cafe at The Ark 3.30pm till 5pm

Occasional craft day in Bourn 11am till 4pm

In the last month however, we have had some big life changing news and a two week break away so instead I'm going to tell you my news and er....brag about my holiday.

A while ago Hubby B started applying for jobs around and about the country. Although I wished him the best from a career perspective, I felt nervous about where our family would end up if anywhere other than Cambridge, so I put it to the back of my mind and continued with all of my big plans for Crafty B's. When he was offered a job in Cardiff the feelings were not straight forward. Excited. Nervous. Extremely sad to be leaving our home in the village where we married and had our two children. Now as we make plans to take a leap onto the property ladder and relocate to Wales, the rollercoster of emotion continues with the constant readiness to get going on this adventure. It's amazing how much needs done and how little time there is to do it! In 8 weeks, Hubby B starts his new job, commuting from Cambridge with a four night stay over whilst I continue getting ready to move at the end of October. 

We have started the clearing out of as much stuff as possible (need anything?!) and organising each room and whilst caught in a whirlwind of paper work, filing, organising, clearing out, mortgage and property chat we are trying to continue life as normally as possible. Hubby B working long hours, Baby B's being cared for here at home, keeping up with friends and family, family time, housework and of course the daydreams of how we will decorate our new home!
Two weeks in Cornwall gave us time to enjoy the important things in life and to reflect on what we were doing and how to go about doing it with as little stress as possible. Whilst we enjoyed beautiful sunshine and ate FAR too many pasties, portions of fish & chips and ice creams we chatted about what had to give back at home. We don't tend to live life at a steady pace! Unfortunately that meant that upon returning, I have had to call time (all too soon) on some of the Crafty B's groups that I have started. It makes me sad but I know that all of the Crafty B's will understand and I'm sure that there will be some summer activities that I'll be buzzin' about before we go.

So a new chapter of our life is beginning and I will be finding my place in the big wide world again over in Cardiff. Crafty B's will continue, just in a different format and Crafting a Daydream will be updated more regularly I'm sure, as I craft away to create our first 'owned by us' family home.

So here's your call to action. I need house moving tips! I've got the basics down....a travel box with the kettle in and some cake OBVIOUSLY but what else do I need to do or think about. Get in touch with your top tips PLEASE!! Comment below or email I'll compile a list of the best tips for a future blog post so don't forget to include your details/twitter handle.

Who's up for a new adventure then whilst I continue to craft my daydreams?!

Mrs Crafty B


  1. Wishing you the very best with it all lovey! We're relocating to Yorkshire at the end of the year if OH gets a job up there - feeling very similar to you xxx

  2. Oh wow.....there was actually a possibility that we would be moving to York but it didn't go that way! How weird would that have been?! Fingers crossed for you, Yorkshire's the way forward :-D