Tuesday 24 March 2015

Twiddling and Tucking with Muslin Mistress; Jennie Rayment

This class with Made Peachy wasn't the only opportunity for me to get a bit of sewing practice in this weekend. In fact I learnt some lovely texturing techniques with Jennie Rayment on a Madeira and Bernina Workshop; Twiddle and Tuck into Embellishment.

Not only did I have the opportunity to play with a bit of a snazzy sewing machine and get in some practice, I learned some really great techniques that, had I seen an example of before hand, I would have thought impossible for my level of ability!

First we learned to sew in some 'tucks.' I had never really appreciated the simplicity of doing this before for quite a nice texturing effect.

Then came the 'wave' effect; sewing the tucks down in opposite directions at regular intervals.
Jenny then showed us two edging techniques. The first was to sew along the edge using the decorative zig-zag stitch and the second was to sew a length of yarn along the edge! Yeah, yarn…along the edge! I found this surprisingly easy and a really effective embellishment.

We then used the 'honeycomb' technique to create a wonderful pattern from the embellished tucks.
During Jennies demo of this bit she gave us a funny little 'bit' to remember the pattern and direction of each tuck…but I won't share that. You'll have to go and find a class with Jennie to experience her teaching style for yourself and learn all about twiddling and tucking! She even has DVD's of some of her workshops if you can't get to one; and just a few books!
At the end of the class, we were able to take away the beautiful Madeira thread that we were using in the machine! I wonder what lovely embellishments I can produce at home!

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