Monday 10 August 2015

Rose Gold Plated Star Charms Bracelet: Jewellery Maker Kit Review

I love trying all sorts of crafts as you will all know; but jewellery making is something I hadn't yet tried my hand at. It always seemed like you had to have an awful lot of bits and bobs with beads being sold in bulk and wires in metre roles and I never really wanted to commit; especially if it was making something that I wouldn't necessarily wear. Then I was given the opportunity to try out making my own jewellery with a kit by Jewellery Maker.
At first I wasn't hopeful that I would find something that I actually liked (in terms of the finished product) but it soon became apparent that Jewellery maker sell kits not just for craft lovers but for people who enjoy wearing something lovely. A majority of the items are very wearable, modern pieces and there was a lot of variety. I don't wear a lot of costume jewellery but I wear a rose gold watch daily so I picked out a complimenting rose gold plated star charms bracelet.

My kit arrived and I was taken by surprise by how promptly it was delivered. The packaging was contemporary and very smart looking and I was impressed. Until I opened it. The packets inside were very small for the large box they were packaged in and it seemed a lot of waste. This could maybe be due to standard box sizes across the Jewellery Maker products which would be understandable and  fortunately the sides of the box are genuinely bright and pretty so it makes for great storage on my bookcase and won't be thrown away. 
Upon reading the instructions which were clearly set out with good images, it soon became clear that the kit didn't actually have everything I required. I had to purchase a couple of pairs of jewellery pliers (which Jewellery Maker also sell) before I could start which was slightly annoying. Had I read the description clearly on the website I would have seen that these weren't included but as a non-jewellery maker at the start I wouldn't have necessarily known that I required these. I think the product online could maybe do with a 'what else you need' section with a link to find them on the site to avoid any disappointment. I have these tools now so hopefully I won't need anything extra for any further kits I purchase.
The process of making this bracelet was repetitive and I loved it. It was very easy and therapeutic. The instructions were easy to follow and it was a great introduction to word of jewellery making and fab for beginners to get the hang of the particular technique of attaching the charms.
I did find that the chain was quite long and I didn't have enough charms to put along the full length but looking at the image of completing the piece, this did seem that it should be the case. The finished bracelet wrapped around my wrist a couple of times and was ultimately a nice size and matched my watch which was the plan. I also thought that the closing charms were a really pretty way to finish of the item.
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 *I was asked to review a Jewellery Kit of choice by Jewellery Maker but all opinions are entirely my own. 

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