Tuesday 22 September 2015

10 Things to Make With Your Foraged Blackberries

When we lived back in Cambridge, we were really lucky to have a long driveway with a blackberry bush along the whole length. We also had sloe berries and three types of apple tree on our property! As you can imagine, I didn't need much more of an excuse to bake apple and blackberry cakes, muffins, crumbles and flapjacks around this time of year. Although we told our friends and neighbours to help themselves, we were not short of blackberries so I would try and freeze them for future bakes. 

It's around now that people head out to find blackberries (now I haven't got them literally on my doorstep, this means me too!) so I thought I would gather a few recipes from around the bloggosphere and suggest 10 things you could make with the blackberries you manage to forage. 

1) Nothing! 
An odd one to start but if you have more than you need, give them a good wash, bag them up into portions and freeze for when you need them! Here is Baby B helping me pick the blackberries ready for freezing.

Petra from Be Healthy Now features this super nutritious option for using your blackberries.

Perfect to make with your Mini Makers, Becky of Kids Make and Bake Club shared this no bake cheesecake.

One for the grown ups! This blackberry vodka also featured in the Making Home link up via Scissors Paper Rock and I love it. 

Featuring the best bits of a crumble and a cake, what's not to love?! This one is courtesy of Louise of Reads and Recipes.

Thanks to Ness of Jibber Jabber UK, we can enjoy a bit of Autumns offerings on our toast with a cuppa! Yum! 

An all time under rated favourite. Lucy over at The Parent Game shares her version of a classic. 

You can never make enough cheesecake, so here is a baked version by Caroline over at My Family Ties.

Another take on a firm family favourite and a second helping of loveliness from Jibber Jabber UK!  

10) Flapjacks/breakfast bars and muffins
Although I haven't yet featured recipes for these, why not add a layer of blackberries to your favourite flapjack recipe? I did this along with a handful of mixed seeds to make some yummy filling breakfast bars and I added some blackberries to a plain muffin mix with lemon flavouring for some naughty mid morning muffins!

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  1. Thanks for including my recipes. I can't get enough of blackberries at this time of year.

    1. Thank you very much for your contributions! It seems like such a short time that they are around. Best to eat as much blackberry (ahem *cake*) as possible ;-)

  2. Thanks so much for including my recipe what a great line up of delicious blackberry recipes!

    1. All thanks to you lovely lot! Thanks so much! X

  3. I made a bramble cocktail with mine! x