Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A Snowflake DIY Crystal Card Kit by Craft Buddy : A Review

I have found something special. Something sparkly, therapeutic, nostalgic and just downright pretty! I have been using a DIY Crystal Card Kit by Craft Buddy and I literally could not wait to tell you about it. 
I found these DIY crystal card kits when I went to the ICHF Crafts for Christmas Shows. I have never really worked with crystals in my crafting before because they always looked so 'faffy'. After watching the demonstrator on the Craft Buddy stand for a little while, I was intrigued and so I took him up on his offer of trying out one of the kits myself. I picked the snowflake card. I was not disappointed. 

When I opened the kit, I had a card with a numbered pre printed template (and envelope), a dish and a 'magic pencil' and some bags of crystals all bagged and numbered ready to go.
It was SO simple and was just a grown up crystal version of paint by numbers! The only critique I has was that there were three bags numbered one, two and three but on the template they were printed as one, a small two and a large two. It didn't take a lot to figure out what went where and wasn't really an issue at all (clearly just a typo) and I fully intend to do more of these. It took me around 35 mins with a cup of tea and the table listening to the radio. A great way to wind down for a while. 
I loved my card so much that I couldn't face putting it in my card box to send to anyone (selfish aren't I ;-) ) so I decided that I would put it in a box frame to put up at Christmas time in place of something else. Obviously I won't do this with anymore I might acquire.
These kits are available from a few suppliers which you can find on the Craft Buddy website. Have you tried one of these kits before? Do you think it is something you might like to try?

*This was not a sponsored post. I was offered the opportunity to try one of these cards and I wrote a review without obligation. All opinions are my own.

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