Wednesday 3 February 2016

My Cake Addiction: Cake by Post with Baker Days

If you are not already familiar with my relationship with cake, let me enlighten you. I love cake. Like a lot. Baking it, buying it, eating it, whenever or why ever. there is no occasion that need not be celebrated with cake. Now that we have that straight, I shall tell you that when I was asked to try out a cake via post (like through my letter box) I wasn't too sure I could get on board with that concept. Firstly, how in the heck does a cake survive being posted?

The cake sent to me was a personalised 'letterbox gift cake' from Baker Days. The ordering process was really very simple. In fact the hardest part of it was actually choosing from such a huge range of designs and various cake flavours. There was something for every occasion (which is my kind of cake buying). I ordered a  5 inch letterbox cake with the personalisation 'JUST FOR YOU'. I thought this was pretty generic and as the occasion was just for me to eat it, I thought it was perfect. You can have any message put on one of these cakes! (Star Wars cake for May 4th anyone?) 

When a box came through my letterbox, I did not expect the cake to be inside it! Complete with a little tin, a (very good quality) card, a couple of candles, some balloons and a blowout, I felt that had I just received that from someone it would have made me smile quite a bit!

The cake was iced onto a cake board and wrapped securely and the board fitted really snuggly into the tin so there was no movement at all. Very clever Baker Days. It wasn't difficult to remove though as there was a tab that ran from under the board to pull upwards so you could take the cake out. Easy peasy. They had thought of everything. The little package altogether was so lovely.
The decoration around the edge of the cake wasn't quite the same as the picture but it didn't look bad in the slightest. I didn't actually notice until I went back on to the site. It was all very well getting the cake to me in one piece and packing it with some other thoughtful things but as a cake lover, I wanted to scoff the lot so I hope it would be tasty.

I set to work cutting some slices for me and the Little Bs. They throughly enjoyed it! The cake  promises to keep for a good length of time and when we did open it after a few days of having received it, it was still fresh. Obviously the concept of Baker Days isn't 'the freshest most delicious cakes you have ever tasted' but for a cake that had survived the post it wasn't at all bad. With the cake being the smaller version, the cake to icing ratio was more icing than I would normally like (well actually, less cake than I would normally like haha) but that is personal preference. The icing is what kept the cake secure in transit so it was for good reason.

I enjoyed the cake with a cup of tea around the table with my Little Bs and that was just lovely. A treat to celebrate a bit of time together enjoying cake! 

The cake was indeed fresh as promised and although not the best cake I have ever had, it was a tasty cake all the same. I absolutely love the concept of these letterbox cakes by Baker Days. I am a keen baker but I have a lot of friends all over the UK. When occasions pop up, I can't send them cake like I would someone closer by so this is great token as opposed to the traditional flowers. Not just a cake but a personalised sentiment with a little card and some celebratory gifts. Perfect for the recipient to enjoy unpacking and eating with a cuppa.

*This was not a sponsored post. I was sent a cake by Baker Days for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own. 
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  2. Wow, what a delightful experience with Baker Days! It's impressive how they manage to send a cake through the post intact, and your personalized 'JUST FOR YOU' cake sounds like a sweet treat. As a fellow cake lover, I can imagine how exciting it must have been to receive such a thoughtful package. While the cake may not have been the absolute best you've ever tasted, it's still wonderful to hear that it remained fresh and enjoyable, especially for sharing with the Little Bs. As a macro analyst, you'd appreciate the ingenuity behind such a convenient and personalized cake delivery service.