Tuesday 12 April 2016

Creating The Perfect Dining Room as The Heart of Your Home

When searching for our first family home together, we wanted a kitchen and dining area as one space. We love to cook and entertain and the dining room in our home is most certainly the ‘hub’. We go straight there when we come home to dump our things down, we eat meals together, do crafts and home work, play games and it doubles as an office for me during the day. Coffee with friends, dinner parties, children’s parties, BBQs; and the best bit is that the sliding doors open right up onto our garden which is our next favourite place.

Kiri from Kizzy and Dizzy uses her dining room in a similar way to us at Crafty Bs HQ.

“We use our dining room everyday, it's probably the most used (yet undervalued) room in our house”.

Anisha of Fashion and Frappes however, has a multifunctional dining room on a different level.

"Our kitchen, lounge and dining room is all the same room so flexibility is key. We use our kitchen counter for dining and try to make use of all the space we have by using functional everyday items for decor - we have hung up our colourful coffee mugs near our open kitchen".

At Crafty Bs HQ we love our kitchen and dining room so we’re thinking carefully about the décor and it is still a work in progress. We want it to be beautiful and functional as well as being versatile in the atmosphere it gives. You can find some beautiful visual inspiration and some great tips and ideas for your dining room via Homify.
Country style dining room by Immofoto-Sylt
Tropical style dining room by Arquitetando ideias
Sala de jantar : Modern dining room by Decorare Studio de Arquitetura
For me the most important thing is the table. I would love a solid wood dining table like Emma features in her dining room makeover post. Something homely that is built to last. I am letting the ways in which we use it guide the décor choices for the rest of the space. Jenny Lord of Midwife and Life hits the nail on the head when she says that her dining room is called the toys room because “It’s just evolved that way”. I don’t want to make a room something that it is not, I want it to evolve naturally. Anna from Anna International is currently using her dining room for storage but she has grand plans for re-creating her dining room.

“One day it will be lovely with flag stone floors (they are under the revolting carpet!) and I will host dinner parties again.”

Emma Walton, a food and lifestyle blogger at Supper in the Suburbs has already decided on the design of her future dining room.

"We're going to keep the design quite minimalist - think a cross between 60s retro and scandi”.

Is your dining room the heart of your home? What are your favourite features in your dining room? Have you recently decorated or are you just about to? Where do you get your inspiration?

*Collaboration with Homify
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  1. I'd love a big kitchen dining room open plan style ..... Those pictures are fabulous loving the orange wall

    1. I know I am loving that colour at the mo. We are going for that in our bathrooms!

  2. We are tweaking our dining room at the moment, I think it's a tricky one to get right as it has to be so functional. Lots of food for thought here, thanks! xx

    1. It is isn't it? I love the idea of beautiful and well dressed but it is not practical. I'm keen to get the balance right.