Friday 20 May 2016

Making Home Link Up #31: Making Wind Chimes With Your Mini Makers

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My garden is finally starting to look like the sort of place small children would want to spend their summer. The lovely wooden wendy house is in place, I have dug up all of the moss which was impersonating grass and I have laid astro turf (you can hoover it and nothing burrows through it. I LOVE it!). The water table and sand pit are established and now we just need some finishing touches.

I have started a fairy garden at the bottom of the garden (because that's where fairies live....) but it is slow going as the neighbours cat keeps digging it up. I will share more of that with you when I have disposed of the cat finished the project

In the mean time we decided to get our 'glitter on' and make some wind chimes to hang on the wendy house.

I am sure you have noticed how bought craft kits can cost a small fortune when all we really need is lurking in drawers, cupboards and recycling boxes in our homes.

This is what I found in my house:
  • Terracotta pots left over from Twinkle's party bags when she turned five (I filled them with seed paper and sweets). They are really cheap online, but you need to buy a pack of them, you could just as well use a plastic drink cup, an empty tin can, a plastic flower pot or anything else which either has a small hole in the bottom or where one can be cut in. 
  • Glitter and glitter glue
  • Pony beads 
  • Homemade clay beads which I made with the children last week.
  • Craft feathers
  • Washi tape
  • A curtain pole ring 
  • Craft bells
  • Various yarn and ribbon
  • Craft glue
  • Porcelain/glass pens (sharpies would work fine)
This is the sort of project where you are bound only by your own imagination. We started by decorating the terracotta pots with the pens and the tape. 
​Then we put the curtain hoop inside the pot with the little hoop poking through the hole in the bottom. We then tied a ribbon onto the little hoop so we could hang it up. 

There was then a short interlude whilst we got very excited by glitter!

Whilst the glitter glue dried, we strung the beads and bells onto yarn ready to tie onto the hoop inside the terracotta pot. Then there was nothing left to do but hang them up. 

I think they look so cute, and every time the wind makes them jiggle now, I can think about how much fun I had with the children making them....and how much glitter I hoovered up out of the carpet!
Happy Making!


What a great craft to do with your little ones in the garden this summer. Thanks so much to Amy for sharing. Do you have any favourite family garden activities?


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Have fun! 
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  1. Replies
    1. Such a good way to spend an afternoon in the garden isn't it?

  2. Oh love the wind chimes - they are gorgeous - just the sort of think my kids would love to make...I finally managed to link something up after weeks of crazyness!!! Yey! Hope you like it - it's a super simple lamb salad that only takes 25 minutes, including marinating and resting the lamb - perfect for BBQ season too!! Eb x

    1. I am looking forward to this kind of food over the summer! Thanks for sharing this one. I am sure I can convince Hubby B to add it to our 'try' list.

  3. Love these wind chimes, we need something similar for the allotment to scare the greedy pigeons away from our peas! Thank you for hosting #makinghome

    1. Good idea! I always find it funny when I see 'scarecrows' with loads of birds on them haha. I would still want one though.

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