Wednesday 14 November 2012

Christmas Crafting #1


Recently, whilst I was perhaps feeling a bit hormonal, I heard Hubby B saying to Baby B, "Don't worry, Mummy will be happy all the time soon, Christmas is coming." Well, I would like to think I am happy most of the time but at this time of year when the weather has turned, the colours are beautiful outside and we don't need to make excuses to snuggle in on an evening in anticipation of the holiday season, I can't see any reason to be down. Summer will be back next year so why not make the most of this season. OK so I find it hard to get up in the dark as much as the next person, but I refuse to brought down. As for Christmas, I don't do 1 day Christmas. For me it isn't weeks of stress for one day. Its weeks of fun, food, anticipation, family and friends. Every Christmas there is some sort of drama surrounding my side of the family and I always spare a thought for those in need and do my bit where I can,  but life cannot be lived with sole focus on the negative. With that in mind, lets cosy up and talk about crafts.

Having spent the year getting to know my sewing machine, I thought it apt to make use of it for a few Christmas projects. The biggest one is Baby B's advent calendar. I have cut out pockets from random fabrics, painted number patches and stuck them on and I am ready to get sewing. This will be an advent calendar with a twist as it will also be a present sack. I can't wait to piece it all together. I hope Baby B will enjoy it for years to come.

At Crafty B's this week, I cut out some other decorations from beautiful Christmassy fabrics and as I was on my own for an evening this week Big J came out to play for sure. These are now waiting to be filled and sewn up.

Last year I was given a pattern for a 3D Christmas tree so this is also on the list. The pieces are cut out and ready to be sewn.

I have found an old mini Christmas tree which used to hang on the wall with lights and decorations. It used to be my Mums and under the assumption she won't want it back as it is falling to pieces, I have decided to pull it apart and reuse it by making it into a Christmas wreath. Excited much?!

There has also been shape cutting from old gift bags etc and if I can fit it in next week, I am going to make my Christmas cards this year. A heat gun is on my Christmas list so I won't be using the embossing powder I purchased. Not for Christmas anyway.

Christmas wouldn't be complete without a bit of crochet or baking so I will have some more pictures to share soon but for now, here are just a few.
Now I must get back to getting ready for the local Christmas Bazaar. There is one every year in the village to raise money for a new Scouts and Guides building. I'll post some pictures of my stall next week.

Mrs Crafty B

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