Monday 19 November 2012

Christmas Crafting #2: The Hardwick Christmas Bazaar

Hi all,

I hope everyone's week has started well. Over here at the home of B's we are clearing up after a week of preparation for the Hardwick Christmas Bazaar.

I don't know about you but craft fairs and the like are always a grey area for me. Do you go, do you give it a miss, individual persons selling produce of their hobbies v businesses. For me the local bazaar is a good way to contribute to the worthy cause of raising money for the Scouts and Guides building and getting to know a few more local people. If I can sell a few things to pay for my next batch of yarn, then great!

I talked to a few people on Saturday who showed an interest in Monday nights craft group and I hope that we will gain few new members with me having done so. Obviously another great perk of local fairs.

Last year my cupcakes were really popular and so this year, I skipped the homemade fudge and home grown money trees and focused on cookies and cupcakes. Unfortunately, so did other stalls and so we have quite a few left over. That's breakfast, lunch and tea sorted for the next few days then!
My handmade Christmas decorations were a hit but I wasn't prepared for the feeling I had when my first one sold. My sole Christmas bootie went first and a piece of me went with it! Handmade items are very under rated and I feel that they are most appreciated by others who craft or by those who understand the concept of handmade.

I LOVED my Christmas bootie and I know that as it was crocheted freehand, I will never make another the same.
I overheard someone at the bazaar say that they could buy decorations for the same price in Asda which is very true, and some probably cheaper. This got me thinking about what handmade means at Christmas. At this time of year it is so easy to get stuck into a commercial Christmas, shopping for the masses on the high street, great supermarket deals on chocolates and toiletries, clothes and small gifts. Sometimes I feel that the spirit of Christmas can get lost here and we lose focus on those things that matter. The receiver of the gift that we purchase to show our love and appreciation for them. The old adage of 'it's the thought that counts' is gone. Probably at the bottom of the wrapping paper waste! Whilst I take part in commercial Christmas every year to some extent, I like to try and stay a bit focused on the important things. I recognise individuals and the things they might appreciate.  I know some people who would LOVE a tin of choccies or a bottle of creamy alcoholic yumminess, but I also know a lot of people who would love to receive a gift that is handmade or carefully selected just for them. That is what I strive for. That feeling of satisfaction when one of my nearest and dearest unwraps a scarf that they desperately needed for the cold months in their favourite colour. They realise that it has been made just for them with the sole purpose of making them smile for whatever reason. What more could you ask for at Christmas!

So in support of handmade, please remember when you are shopping online, that it is just as easy to find a handmade personalised item for a loved one if you aren't crafty and if you are, then it just as easy to find ideas for things to make!

I hope this Christmas brings out your crafty side and if it does, please come and join all of the Crafty B's on Facebook and share your pictures.

Mrs Crafty B

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  1. I wish you could send me through some cupcakes - they look delicious!

    I'm planning to either make my Christmas presents this year or buy handmade (Etsy/Folksy)! Handmade gifts are far more special than a gift set from Boots etc, especially when you know how much work and time goes into something hand-crafted x