Tuesday 12 February 2013

Crafting Daydreams for a Year!

A year ago, I published my first ever blog post. With no idea what I was doing and no view as to where it might take me, 'Crafting a Daydream' was born. I decided to use a pen name, Mrs Crafty B and keep my family as anonymous as possible but share what I could with readers who were interested in my crafty journey as I attempted to stop daydreaming about all of the things I wanted to do and start crafting them.

It seems ironic that a year on I am writing this post having found my self in a state of nowhereness. After spending the last month or so feeling, lets say 'a bit under the weather', crafting has come to a hault and my energy has been spent on my beautiful Baby B, who at 18 months now, is keeping me well and truly on my toes. My days spent as a self employed childminder and a busy mummy and wife have seen me tucked up on the sofa every evening unable to life my arm, click some buttons and join my 'crafty twitterarmy' or update my virtual aquaintences on my projects. For that I am truly sorry but know this...I have more to come.

My blog was intended to be a medium by which I could note down my projects to share with like minded people and find motivation to complete things on my never ending to-do list. For that, it has worked. I regularly converse with lots of crafty people online and become inspired and motivated by their enthusiasm for their passions. I have learnt so much and I am continually entertained by various bloggers. I hasten to add here that not everything I read is about crafts. Mrs Crafty B has many sides *insert winky face*.

In the last year I have completed many projects, started new ones, extended my project list, started a community crafts group, organised (and successfully held, thank god) a charity crafts fair, I have inadvertently helped friends by encouraging them to pick up their crafty tools, I have made new friends, I have been inspired and most of all I have almost filled up my crafty notebook with ideas and designs for future projects.

Life events this year may cause a bit of havoc with my BIG crafty plans but now I am more motivated to give guests in my virtual world something to read that they are interested in. My focus has slightly shifted in that when I started this blogging malarky, it was solely for me. I have been sucked into the world of 'likes, followers and subscribers' and I never thought that come my first bloggy birthday, I would have so many. I will be continuing my 'Meet the Maker' feature on the blog and I hope to introduce a few other new features. Most of all, I want to produce some crafty tutorials of things that I DO know how to do. I hate that I feel cocky instead of confident whilst typing that but there are some crafts that I do well and I have learnt so much from others that I would love to give something back. I hope to start with some easy to follow crochet tutorials so watch this space!

I really hope you feel compelled to stick with me on my journey and spread the word that everyone is welcome to come and craft a daydream with Mrs Crafty B.

Love, tea and cake,

Mrs Crafty B

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