Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Book Browse: 20 to Make Knitted Bears

Don't worry, I wont be reviewing a 20 to Make book every week although I must say, they are great little guides with inspiring ideas for any 'craft'. I do own a few.

It just so happens that along with my 20 to Make Mini Christmas crochet, I also received this book which you can find to purchase here. 'Hold on' I hear you say. You want to hear a bit more about it?

Firstly, I am not a knitting pro. I am very much a beginner and I know the basics. I found the patterns in this book particularly easy to follow. I did have to google a couple of the terms for a video on how to do it, just to make sure, but overall, I found it surprisingly easy to put this little guy together which was based on 'Toby Toddler Bear'.

I substituted the black bead eyes for goggly ones and I did miss some of the embellishments but I never was one to do things exactly by the book. Heres how he should of looked. Pretty close I think.

The layout of the book is very simple. There is a pattern to make up a bear (choose the colour from your pattern first) and then you pick one of the lovely bear designs to make up the costume for the bear. I purchased the book for my Nan who had been nosing at mine. She stated upon receiving the book "Thanks but I wanted you to make one for me." So Emily Knitting Bear is next on the list!

One very frustrating thing was the lack of clear instruction on how to sew up the pieces of the bear. I had to find a video on how to this but the term used in the book would not return adequate  results when searching on the internet and it took me a while to figure out how to sew up the bear with the right stitching. Having said that, this book is not an instructional book and as with the Mini Christmas Crochet, a pictorial knitting instruction book for those lacking experience in the terminology and techniques, or access to google, would be a great help. For what it is, a lovely collection of costumed bears to knit up beautiful little bears for yourself, friends and family, this book is well varied and you will find a bear for everyone from a sports enthusiastic to a beach babe, from graduates to gardeners. Well worth adding to collection if you like to knit such figures or would like to get started with some inspiration.

Happy knitting all.

Mrs Crafty B


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