Wednesday 9 January 2013

Meet the Maker

My blog is almost 1 year old. I feel that I have used it as intended to share my projects and crafts but now I love creating the blog itself so I hope to spend some more time giving my lovely community something extra to read with a few new features. 

The first feature to be introduced is 'Meet the Maker'. I am passionate about handmade and the art of crafting and when the question is posed 'what makes one handmade fabric heart different to the next?' the answer is simple. It's the person that made it. Everything handmade is unique as is the person that created it so I want to provide a platform for us to meet the people behind the beautiful pictures of those handmade things that you love. 

I hope that over the weeks we can get to know makers on all levels from craft business start up to mums  who bake. Magazine editors to designers. Artists to business professionals who have a crafting hobby. In time I want to look back and see just how vast the handmade community is and dispel the common misconception that crafting is knitting grandmas and handmade cards made by housewives. 

If you have seen a picture of a lovely handmade item and you would like to meet the maker, please send me a link to the picture. Perhaps you would like to share one of your handmade items and be interviewed about your blog, business or crafty hobby. The only criteria is that the item must be handmade by the person being interviewed. 

Get your pics in quick to and I will respond with your interview and the date on which your interview will be posted. I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know lots of new people in the handmade community. 

Meet the Maker will launch next Tuesday 15th Jan when we meet the maker of this lovely cushion. 
Don't miss it. It's all about the maker so please check back in next Tuesday. 

Mrs Crafty B

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  1. Yay! Looking forward to reading all about the lovely Lizzie next week :) xx