Thursday 10 January 2013

Matching Fabric Heart Christening Gifts

I have just asked Baby B if I can play with the Duplo as well. He stated, with a vigorous shake of the head, "nah", so I've pulled out the iPad to publish a quick post whilst watching him play.

I have spent the morning cleaning up our new pre-loved dining table. I love the country cottage feel that it has (I will post a picture later). The fact that it extends is great as it means extra crafting space and it's a much more heavy duty table than our old one. Much more child friendly. My clean up mission resulted in my accidentally kicking a bucket of soapy water all over some foam floor tiles and a pile of toys. I managed to save most of the toys from the bubbles but not before stepping on the foam tiles which were 'floating' in a puddle of water causing me to fall on my backside. Once the toys were saved, tiles propped up to dry and the water mopped up and squeezed into a bucket, I then stepped back and kicked it over in the other direction *insert loud sigh*. There is no point in me telling you this story other than to provide a small bit of amusement.

The actual subject of this post was some fabric heart items I made for a christening gift back in December. I decided to make small matching gift for both mummy and baby whom were both being baptised. They aren't a traditional christening gift but I thought it was nice for them to be able to share a special day and then have a matching memory with a room decoration for baby and a key pendant for mummy. What do you think?
Mrs Crafty B

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