Thursday 15 August 2013

Still Buzzing Around

An unusual event has occurred. It is a Thursday morning and I am at the desktop with a cup of tea and silence in the house. Baby B is away until 3pm and on his return, he shall be going away till Sunday to give Hubby B and I a chance for some R & R before Bumpleton arrives. Also an unusual event to occur as family aren't so close.

I couldn't think of a better way to mark the start of this rest time than to update my blog and let you all know that I haven't fallen off the planet or been sucked into a black hole. I haven't run away or abandoned my crafty side or my virtual world. In fact I have just been so torn between running around with my first born (who was two last week!), holding the fort whilst Hubby B was off around the world on business and growing our second little love in my tummy. This time round has not been plain sailing but I have now been given an (almost) clean bill of health, I am full term at 37 weeks this coming weekend, Bumpleton has been head down since June and is now fully engaged and looking like he wont be moving in the 'wrong' direction so I am now just a ticking time bomb.

With that in mind, I REALLY need to finish the baby blanket. By the time I have had a chance for crochet, I am just too tired. I also need to finish hemming the nets to hang in the boys' new room and swap the curtains with what is now the study/guest room. It is never ending. Alongside these top priority jobs, I need to update you all on what crafty things I have actually done in the last few weeks.

Phew, I better get started. Getting lost in my crafty world is definitely up there in the next few days. Obviously alongside spending time with Hubby B, eating and sleeping a lot.

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Happy Thursday

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