Monday 22 July 2013

Crafty Gifts from Japan

It feels like yesterday that Hubby B came back from Japan and we were just getting over Summer Sharing on the blog but alas it was over a month ago and I've been kept away in a whirlwind of family events, household tasks and being pregnant. VERY pregnant. That is a whole other post!

Hubby B returned from Japan with a whole big bag of goodies not only bought by him but also gifts from the family of one of the gentlemen hosting him. I won't bore you with them all. Just my favourite ones :-)
Firstly there was no shortage of Japanese fans (3 in total) which have already been put to use in the heat of the last couple of weeks when out and about. This beautiful drawstring bag now has a few bits in and is tucked into my hospital bag for Bumpleton's arrival. Below is a pack of crafting papers. They are beautiful. Whatever I use them for, I wont want to give it away.
For both of the Baby Bs' room Hubby B purchased two rolls of beautiful washi paper. I have NO idea what to do with this. Ideas welcome. We were gifted with the cloths below as well which are a bit like table runners. The froggy one will have to go in the boys' room.
I couldn't resist sharing this pic of Baby B eating his yoghurt proudly in his cute little Japanese Jinbei.
I'll keep you posted on what the craft papers are used will be going on the end of a very long list.


Mrs Crafty B
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