Wednesday 3 July 2013

Unused Baby Bottles Help Teeny Baby Hedgehogs and Other Wildlife

You may remember my spring cleaning catch up post when I briefly mentioned that I was donating baby bottles that I no longer needed to a wildlife park and hedgehog hospital. I did this via a lady from my WI group who volunteers at the hedgehog hospital and she assured me that they would be of use for not only feeding animals but for measuring and mixing fluids.

Imagine my delight when she emailed me not only to say thank you and that they are indeed being used a lot, but included a picture of their latest arrival to the hospital, a 3 day old baby hedgehog. SO cute and I am so pleased that the bottles that I would have otherwise recycled, are being put to good use :-)

If you have old baby bottles that you no longer need, please have a think about donating them to your nearest wildlife parks/hospitals or kennels as you never know how much use they could be. 

Mrs Crafty B
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