Thursday 30 May 2013

Crafty Cuppa and a Catch Up

In my last blog post I told you all about my attempt to spring clean and off load ALOT of clothes. In the absence of any blogging this week, I thought I would sneak in a crafty cup of tea whilst Hubby and Baby B have quiet time and catch you up on what I have been up to in the last week or so. 

Before the crazy washer woman days of Thursday and Friday I did update my twitter feed with a couple of crafty bits. I made a 'postbox' for Baby B which was a five minute jobby as he is learning all about the post man and sending and receiving letters. He loves to 'post' things. 
I also posted a picture of my blanket progress. You can see here I have started the cycle of colours again but I haven't had much time to crochet this week so the second picture shows where we are at now. 
On the baking/food making front last week, the boys and I made some Rice Krispie cakes and I attempted another not so successful trifle. On Friday night, I hosted a make your own pizza night. The dough, I have resolved, was so good it rose out of the bowl, over the sides and down though the oven racks (as that was where it was resting). Luckily, I managed to save enough and make a good enough tomato base and with a mixture of toppings from our stores and our guests, we got four pretty good pizzas. Followed of course by another bake from me. An apple and rhubarb oat crumble. Not my best efforts but it went down ok. 
On the spring cleaning front I managed to wash, dry and donate four massive black bin liners of clothing to Oxfam, make a huge pile in the garage for the tip, donate all my baby hangers to a neighbour who wanted them and donate all of Baby B's old bottles to the wildlife park and hedgehog hospital through a lady from my local WI.
In the middle of all the errands to be run on Saturday, we managed to get locked out of our house and Baby B and I got a recovery Mocha Cookie Crumble and a smoothie and chocolate coin whilst Hubby B had to teach for a couple of hours. We also sold and had our spare bed removed, scary times. The bedroom exchange begins. Our guest bedroom is going, we will have Baby B and Bumpleton share that room and the smaller room will be a study, space for a blow up bed and probably a crafting area...we will see how that goes down.
On Monday I experienced my first time at Bourne Airfield Bank holiday market where I bagged myself a back copy of a card making magazine for £1 and 90 sheets of crafting paper for £1.50!
On Tuesday after midwife and dentist appointments and a morning at work for Hubby B, we headed off to Mansfield for a family wedding. We had a fab time despite mine and Baby B's colds (luckily Hubby B was just over his) and we got home at lunchtime today.

I fully intend to spend tonight and tomorrow recovering before a weekend spent browsing Cambridge Garden Show on Saturday and probably more clearing out on Sunday.

For now, I might go eat some chocolate and crochet some blanky :-)

Mrs Crafty B

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