Thursday 6 June 2013

Mr Bumble Makes Chocolate Crispie Cakes

At the beginning of the week, Baby B and I made some more chocolate crispie cakes following my doing it with my minded children last week.
That crafty Mr Bumble just had to get in on the action.
Chocolate crispie cakes are great to make with little ones aren't they. No measuring,  no baking, they (note THEY) love the mess and we all love the results.

Here's how

- Baby B broke up lots of chocolate into the bowl. We used 200g of milk chocolate less the bit he just HAD to eat. 
- Mummy B popped the chocolate into the microwave to melt and mixed in 2 teaspoons of golden syrup. 

- The syrup is optional but it helps them to stick together and makes them slightly softer to eat. This is the ideal point to add all of your other optional extras...let your creativity flow! Marshmallow? Raisins? Biscuit bits? Dried apricot? 

- Baby B mixed up the cooled chocolate, adding handfuls (or bits of handfuls) of rice cereal from the bowl Mummy B provided him with. 

- Once the mixture was completely chocolate covered, Baby B spooned it into some cases. 

Here's Mr Bumble again trying to get involved. 
- Leave to set and enjoy!

These couldn't be simpler and they make a great base for more decoration. Maybe icing pens or more sweeties?! Baby B likes to eat one with strawberries, the fruit of the moment. Mmmmm. We are going to make white chocolate ones next methinks maybe with some dried raspberries.

Happy crispie cake making. 

Mrs Crafty B

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